Sport Medicine

Got runner’s knee? Tech neck? Mental blocks? IMPACT’s health and wellness experts reveal therapies and treatments.
Band Walks

Eliminate Runner’s Knee Pain

Strengthen glutes, quads and hamstrings with corrective exercises.
Don’t Skip the Skipping

Don’t Skip the Skipping

Taking control of your pelvic health can keep you dry in the gym.
Outsmart Your Pain

Outsmart Your Pain

Strategies to get you through the hurt.
What’s Wrong with my Knee?

What’s Wrong with my Knee?

Probing for answers to joint pain.

Skin Deep

How fascia and muscle function go hand in hand.
The Great Asthma Impostor

The Great Asthma Impostor

Exercise-induced vocal cord dysfunction can leave you gasping for air.

Stretching, the Truth

Here’s the lowdown on long, lean muscles.
The Art of Compensation

The Art of Compensation

Bringing your body back to balance.
Coping With Concussion

Coping With Concussion

Baseline testing before an injury is key to effective treatment.
Sleep Deep

Sleep Deep

5 essential tips toward your most restful nights.
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Simba® Bed

Six Signs You’re Not Getting Enough Sleep

Can’t sleep? Don’t sweat. Simba® has the solution to take the heat out of sleep.
Runner With Injured Knee

Treating Sport Injuries Naturally

Dr. Erik Nelson from Neurvana Naturopathic Medicine in Calgary, AB explains how prolotherapy can effectively treat sport injuries.

From Biking to Paddling, Harmony Has it All

Kayaking or golfing? Open spaces or spa treatment? Lake life or Rocky Mountain views? When you choose Harmony, you don’t have to sacrifice. As Springbank’s...
Libin Cardiovascular Institute Senior Fitness Header

Aiming For Eternal Youth? The Science Says – Get Active

Add life to your years, and years to your life with the Libin Moves initiative.
Vilano Showhome in Legacy

Finding the Perfect Space for Your Home Office

The way we work and live has drastically changed since pandemic began. For many, the office is no longer a place that you drive...