Sport Medicine

Got runner’s knee? Tech neck? Mental blocks? IMPACT’s health and wellness experts reveal therapies and treatments.

Heads Up!

Concussion management software for all sports.
Back Pain

Master Your Back Pain

All back pain has a cause.
Movement Mapping

Movement Mapping

Analyzing data from wearable technology to help prevent running injuries.
Running – It's a Brain Changer

Running – It’s a Brain Changer

Exercise may give you a bigger boost than you realize.
Band Walks

Eliminate Runner’s Knee Pain

Strengthen glutes, quads and hamstrings with corrective exercises.
Don’t Skip the Skipping

Don’t Skip the Skipping

Taking control of your pelvic health can keep you dry in the gym.
Outsmart Your Pain

Outsmart Your Pain

Strategies to get you through the hurt.
What’s Wrong with my Knee?

What’s Wrong with my Knee?

Probing for answers to joint pain.

Skin Deep

How fascia and muscle function go hand in hand.
The Great Asthma Impostor

The Great Asthma Impostor

Exercise-induced vocal cord dysfunction can leave you gasping for air.
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Expedition Race

An Adventure of a Lifetime: Canada’s Toughest Race

Discover how Expedition Canada is bringing the exciting world of adventure racing back to one of the most beautiful and formidable places in western Canada.

HUAWEI WATCH 3 Pro – taking wearables to the next level

Health and fitness monitoring is a prime feature of this new smartwatch.
InBody H20N Smart Weight Analyzer

InBody at Home

Chart your health and fitness goals accurately with InBody’s at-home products.
New Balance Run Specialty Canada Hero

Outdoor Running Motivation Check

Tips on running outdoors in the colder weather.
AOR Production

AOR – providing safe, evidence-based health care supplements

The Calgary nutraceutical company is an innovator in natural health products putting the needs of the consumer first.