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Boost your immune system, refresh your mind and invigorate your life with advice from IMPACT’s health and wellness experts.

How Inflammation Leads to Improved Performance

How Inflammation Leads to Improved Performance

A new study suggests that exercise’s effect on inflammation might mean better gains from your workouts

Understanding Functional Fitness

Functional Fitness. One of many, if not seemingly, unending buzzwords and catchphrases being emphasized within the fitness world. Eat “clean,” muscle “toning,” H.I.I.T., “active rest,” “active” recovery. It can feel like a lot to keep track of.
Living Forward Through Menopause

Living Forward Through Menopause

While societal norms are shifting and conversations surrounding menopause are beginning to be more commonplace, it doesn’t necessarily mean that feelings of shame and stigma have dissipated.

A Guide to Mindful Running

Meditation and running may seem like activities at opposite ends of the spectrum. Traditionally, people associate the former with stillness, tranquility and a quiet mind, and the latter with exertion and an active, focused mindset.

Small Bits of Happiness

Small, good things happen every day—but they can be clouded by the negativity and hardships present in our world. As such, we could all use little reminders of the good in our lives.

Celebrating 10 Years of Community

The 10 Mile Tri presented by 3433 Sport Performance is back for its 10th year of action at the MNP Community & Sport Centre in Calgary Alberta, Canada. 

How to Rock Your Winter Runs

Mother Nature is not always kind to runners and in Canada, winter is here. This means snow and ice cover your favorite running routes, temperatures dip below zero, cold winds blow in your face...

The Focus Crisis

I find that the digital age – with its relentless stream of notifications, emails, texts, and social media updates – has hijacked my ability to focus. I suspect that I'm not alone in this...

Winter Proofing Your Skin

As winter sets in and the outside temperatures drop, our skin is the first organ to respond to the changes.  As our bodies’ most direct interface with the environment, the skin’s health is especially...

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Tripping on Tuolumne County

Tuolumne is the perfect place to stage an adventure into Yosemite National Park. My goal is to experience sunrise in Yosemite Valley and an early start has me standing at the base of the iconic Dawn Wall of El Capitan as the first rays of sun hit the rock.

IMPACT ON LOCATION at the JW Marriott Parq Vancouver

The JW Marriott Parq Vancouver is nothing short of impressive—for its architecture and its location with stunning views. Situated in the re-developed, vibrant community...

The Brooks Glycerin 21

Experience a new level of plush comfort with the Brooks Glycerin 21, featuring the groundbreaking nitrogen-infused DNA LOFT v3 cushioning. This midsole innovation represents...

Meet ICEBUG® – Studded Footwear That Provides Supreme Winter Traction

We outdoor enthusiasts all know how icy winters can get. Over 60% of people admit that winter conditions sometimes deter them from their regular outdoor routine when conditions get rough, but imagine if it didn’t have to?
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