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Canada’s best trainers develop killer workouts with step-by-step instruction to deliver real fitness results.


Even though I am slightly aging myself, the 90s smash hit All The Small Things, by Blink 182 serves as a great foundation for my training methodology. While I don’t suggest we treat our...


Here are four movements that will incorporate and challenge your full body for strength, core and balance. Coming from a gymnastics, martial arts, track and field and bodybuilding background, I love athletic workouts. Here...

Core-Centric Fitness

People often miss the importance of a strong, complete core. We’ve spent many years singling out one part of the whole system—the abs and, let’s face it, crunches can be boring. Much like the core...


It’s easy to fall into a rut doing the same familiar core exercises, but these little nine-inch, dollar-store balls will give you more than a bang for your buck!To keep the workout (and you)...

Strength for Running

As a runner you know how important it is to have proper leg strength and power. Strength for runners is about building strong, lean muscles, keeping muscle mass down while maximizing strength. As the duration...

Make it Dynamic!

Whether you’re heading out for a long run or bike ride, a fitness boot camp or an obstacle course race, a dynamic warm-up is an essential component to your workout and shouldn't be overlooked....

TOTAL BODY One-Dumbbell Moves

Training at home and even at the gym with limited equipment can get boring fast. That’s why these exercises, which incorporate unique strength-training moves, only require the use of one dumbbell.Some of these one-dumbbell...


With the uncertainty of gyms and people resorting to staying home to do their workouts for ease of mind, body weight workouts have been a long tried, tested and true way to exercise when...
Pete Estabrooks

Build Your Personal Fitness Fortress

30 years of exercise fundamentals that will last you a lifetime.
Hannah Fletcher

Back to the Future

A futuristic 30-minute posterior focused functional workout!
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