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Using Nature as Your Playground

As a once-upon-a-time trainer returning from a three-year hiatus, I was searching for what...
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Jill Wheatley is climbing the world's 14 highest peaks

Pursuing Peak Perspective

The world’s 14 tallest peaks range between 8,012 and 8,848 metres but are somehow no comparison to the mountains...
Jen Segger is discovering nature with fast packing, a combination of backpacking and running and hiking

Discover the World by Foot with Fastpacking

The warm summer temperatures have arrived, and I’m certain we are all deep into enjoying these precious few months...
running training

Eight Weeks to a Faster 10 km

The 10 km is one of the most challenging and rewarding race distances. You begin fast with the excitement...
running and training. periodized training for better running performance

Periodized Training

As a collegiate runner growing up in Montreal, we had distinct seasons that shaped a natural cycle for my...

Food & Nutrition

Ocean Robbins talks about what to eat before during and after a hike for optimal nutrition and performance

Healthy and Sustainable Foods for Hiking

Traditionally, hiking food suggestions included plenty of animal products, such as hard-boiled eggs and beef jerky. Back in the...
Chocolate Cashew Bites. Healthy, vegan dessert

Chocolate Banana Cashew Bites

Chocolate Banana Cashew Bites are the perfect treat when you’re craving chocolate in the healthy form of raw cacao...
kids planking. back to school

Get Back to Sleep for Back to School

Sleep, a vital contributor to cognitive function and memory consolidation, holds the key to unlocking successful learning experiences but...
Keep your life healthy and free from toxic PFAS forever chemicals

Understanding Forever Chemicals and Their Impact on Health

In recent years, concerns have arisen over a large group of man-made chemicals known as per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances...
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Barbados Marathon

Unleash Adventure in Barbados

To those of us who live in the frosty north, the idea of an island paradise with white sandy beaches and crystal-clear aqua waters...
Simba Mattress

How to Keep Your Bedroom Cool During the Hot Weather

A cool sleeping environment is essential for getting a good night’s sleep. Too hot and you’ll overheat, toss and turn and find it difficult...
University District Block Party, Calagary

Explore the Award-Winning University District at the Annual Block Party

University District (U/D) never falls short on fun, entertaining events, and this year, the U/D Block Party is making its third comeback as an...

Bid Farewell to Bladder Leaks with UROSPOT

Is there anything more annoying than a bladder leak when you laugh, cough, sneeze or exercise? What about the constant urge to use the...
kinesiologist helps a mixed race man doing exercises to strengthen his back muscles. treatment of back pain using kinesitherapy.

Ask the Expert — What is Active Rehabilitation

Active rehab is an evidence-based rehabilitation program used by trained kinesiologists to help individuals recover from an injury or illness. It is an individualized...