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Pride & Joy

Taekwondo athlete Skylar Park is headed to the 2024 Olympic Games—and she’s got a unique competitive edge rallying behind her
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Top fitness instructors
Canada Top Fitness Trainers

Sub-Four-Minute Mile Runners Outlive Expectations

A groundbreaking new study challenges the long-held belief that extreme exercise negatively impacts longevity, revealing instead a significant benefit.
Your Most Common Trail Running Questions

Your Most Common Trail Running Questions

Ready to hit the trails for an adventure like no other? Not before getting these essential questions answered.

Take it Outside

Find yourself skipping workouts in favour of heading outdoors during the summer? Here’s why combining both might make for your healthiest season yet.
Gravel Biking

Go Your Own Way

Gravel riding gives you the power to create a path no one has forged—yet. From equipment to gearing, use this guide to rock and roll.

Food & Nutrition

Green Goddess Dressing & Dip

Green Goddess Dressing & Dip

This herb-loaded sauce is nothing short of divine
Garlic Powder

The Pros of Garlic Powder for Heart Disease

A look at some of the latest running and nutritional research
Postpartum Return to Running

Postpartum Return to Running

There’s no guidebook for hitting the road post-baby—but there are a series of milestones to hit and symptoms to be aware of to know if you’re ready to lace up once again
Dopamine & Your Brain

Dopamine & Your Brain

Dopamine has been touted as a source of feeling joy, motivation, and energy. But what does science have to say about the effect this molecule has on your brain?

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The Terminator Run Turns 10!

Saturday, September 14, 2024's Annual 5KM Run for Youth Addiction Awareness is more than an event, it's a community movement shining a light on...
Top Doctors & Medical Champions 2024

Top Doctors & Medical Champions 2024

A look at top local doctors and medical industry professionals who are passionate and dedicated to improving the health and lives of others by giving extraordinary care.

How to Optimize Your Healthy Lifestyle with Body Metrics at Telus...

Precision Health, TELUS Health’s new preventive service, harnesses vast amounts of data points to offer individuals and athletes unparalleled insights into their current health and future wellbeing
Belize - Beach

The Ultimate Guide to Belize’s Summer Celebrations

Dive into the colourful tapestry of beaches, summer festivals, nature trails and adventure
Royal Victoria Marathon Run 2023

Sellout predicted for 44th Annual Royal Victoria Marathon

With 90% of the marathon distance already sold out and the half marathon at 70%, the Royal Victoria Marathon (RVM) is predicting it will sell out this summer, months before the event in October.
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