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Inspiring recreational athletes, amazing fitness destinations and stories about Canadians making waves in health and fitness.
Sea lions

Tripping on the Wild Side

A wildlife biologist once told me that you’re more apt to smell a moose long before you see it. That wasn’t the case for me one summer afternoon two years ago when I was...
Erica Wiebe

Erica Wiebe, Canada’s Olympic Sweetheart

An Olympic gold medalist reflects on her past and current Olympic journey with IMPACT Magazine. On August 18, 2016, Erica Wiebe woke before her alarm and threw up in the toilet. It was the second...

Canadians to Watch at Tokyo 2020

The Games are on! We’re proud to present our list of medal contenders but we all know that anything can happen at the Olympics. Who are your top picks? We know for sure that...

IMPACT Picks for the Best Outdoor Podcasts

The world of audio storytelling has been getting larger and larger. There’s a huge variety of show formats now from one-on-one interviews and deep conversations, to audio storytelling with original reporting. The outdoor world...
Jerry Kappel

Lifelong Passion for Whitewater

Ask Jerry Kappel how he is faring, and his response is invariably the same: “Good, always good!” The octogenarian kayaker is not just being polite. At 81, Kappel’s joie de vivre knows no bounds....
Erica Van Vlack

A Healing Journey

When the pandemic hit in the spring of 2020, Erica Van Vlack quit her job as a personal trainer at a gym in Whitehorse, Yukon. She was newly pregnant, and as someone who, in...
Malindi Elmore

The Revolution of a Runner — Malindi Elmore

It’s been 16 years since Malindi Elmore last graced the cover of IMPACT. In 2005 she was one of the top track athletes of her generation with PBs in the 800, 1500 and 3000...

A Race Industry on the Rebound

It was just over a year ago – March 2020 – that the world of racing started collapsing around us. All of a sudden the word ‘virtual’ became a part of our vocabulary, and...
Athlete with IMPACT Nicole German

Maddie’s Legacy

When Nicole German joins the crowd of runners at the Toronto Scotiabank Waterfront Marathon, she notices a few others wearing purple T-shirts. On their backs, she sees “Shine Bright,” a carbon copy of the...
AWI - Liam

In a Class of His Own

Becoming a world-record holder was on runner Liam Stanley’s to-do list before the Tokyo Paralympic Games, due to take place in July. Last December, the 23-year-old from Victoria, B.C., did just that, running the 5000...
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Shane Homes

Rethinking How We Use the Spaces of our Homes

It’s no secret that the way we have lived in and enjoyed our homes has changed in the past year. Your living room becoming...

The Classic Running Shoe That Just Gets Better With Age

Mizuno takes a green approach with the 25th edition of the Wave Rider offering a 100% vegan shoe.
Top Docs

Top Doctors & Medical Champions

A look at top local doctors and medical industry professionals who are passionate and dedicated to improving the health and lives of others by...

Access Orthopaedics

People struggling with musculoskeletal injuries and conditions need to get the right care at the right time. That’s where Access Orthopaedics excels with its unique...

Beacon Dermatology – Women’s Health Clinic

Women experiencing hidden but very real health struggles below the belt can turn to a team of medical experts for elusive solutions. By addressing the...