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Health and fitness tidbits to motivate and make you think.

How To Improve Your Running Economy

A look at some of the latest running and nutritional research
Mindfulness Food Choices

Mindfulness Can Help You Make Healthier Food Choices

The mind-body connection isn’t just for your workouts anymore.
Best Nutrition Apps of 2023

Best Nutrition Apps of 2023

Do you feel overwhelmed by all the contrasting information on nutrition? IMPACT has complied ten of the best nutrition apps that may help users with information and advice on how to personalize their goals. Calorie...
Ian Dyck and Trevor Baine run British Columbia's West Coast Trail in less than 24 hours.

Calgary Runners Race Against the Clock on the West Coast Trail

If hiking British Columbia’s West Coast Trail over a week isn’t adventure enough, Calgary’s intrepid runners Ian Dyck and Trevor Baine added another dimension to their bucket list item — run it in less...
best running apps for runners in 2023

The Best Running Apps for 2023

The global running apps market is projected to reach US $1.44 billion in 2028 from US $562 million in 2021 (Absolute Reports Pvt Ltd, 2022). With all the choices out there for the runner,...

Best Fitness Apps 2022

There’s no denying that we live busy lives these days, and although we enjoy working out at gyms and fitness studios, sometimes we just don’t have the time. For those days when life gets...

Conquer Everest—on Your Bike

The sun had already set but recreational cyclist Graham Pierce was still logging hill repeats on Kelowna’s Knox Mountain. It was almost impossible to see and his triceps were burning like he’d never felt...

Running in the Metaverse

Let’s go for a run… in the metaverse. Thanks to a new app you now can run in the real world while powering your avatar across 50+ virtual courses.The app—Klocked—is brought to the metaverse...

Nature Rx

Doctors in parts of Canada have another tool in their nature prescription kit. They can now prescribe Parks Canada’s Discovery Pass to patients as it joins an existing initiative designed to get more people...

IMPACT Book Reviews 2022

From the kitchen to the forest, to the lab, to the arena, these books dish out both knowledge and entertainment. IMPACT reviewers offer their take on five new titles from Canadian writers. AN ECOLOGY OF...

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Whistler Wellness, British Columbia, Sproatt Trail Network

Live Your Best Life in Whistler this June 

It’s hard to argue that June is one of the best months of the year. The days are at their longest, the sun warms...
Servus Calgary Marathon runners at the start line

The 60th Anniversary of the Servus Calgary Marathon

This year, be part of history when Calgary celebrates the 60th year of lacing up shoes and getting heart rates pumping for the Servus Calgary...

Castle Alpine Trail Race

Few places in Alberta are more scenic than Castle Provincial Park in the fall, with the slopes covered in fiery red brush and bright...


When looking for a new running shoe, it’s essential runners consider specific features that will optimize their experience. Some of these features include comfort, performance, quality of the ride and overall shoe fit. The PUMA Velocity NITRO™ 3 encompasses all these features, making it a top contender as your go-to running partner. Let's delve deeper into its attributes:

Move To Move

Nestled in Calgary's Ramsay-Inglewood neighborhood, Move To Move isn't your typical rehab clinic or gym. It's a unique facility that bridges the gap between rehabilitation and movement, offering a holistic approach to physical well-being.
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