Sports Medicine

Got runner’s knee? Tech neck? Mental blocks? IMPACT’s health and wellness experts reveal therapies and treatments.

A Pain in the Butt

The piriformis is a small muscle, but it holds a reputation for being a big pain in the behind! This thin, triangular muscle lies deep in the buttocks, beneath the much larger gluteus maximus....

Foot Core for Runners

As runners we are constantly being told that strength and conditioning is important. It’s been drilled into us for years. “We need to be doing strength training to prevent injuries”“You’re going to become a better...

Fuelling for Health and Performance

On average, up to half of all athletes fail to consume enough calories to meet the body’s daily energy requirements. Most of these athletes are likely unaware of the presence and consequences of long-term...

Posture for Performance

“Stand up straight, sit tall and stop slouching.” How often have we heard this from our parents and teachers? Turns out, they’re right. Posture influences psychology, comfort, pain, and performance. Good posture results in...

Blood Flow Restriction Training

Whether you’re interested in a different way to get results in the gym, trying to keep up with strength training after an injury, or you are a pro athlete looking to get to the...
Woman stretching her leg

Get Static Stretching Back into Your Warm-up

Practical analysis of research shows benefits for sport performance.
Older athlete with personal trainer

Muscle Matters

Over the last century, we have added more than 30 years to the human lifespan. Sadly, healthspan — the period of our lives during which we’re in good health — has not kept pace with...
Foot Injury

Diagnosing Summertime Foot Injuries

With summer on our doorstep, most people are looking to spend more time outside and be more active. This includes more walking, hiking, running and exploring our beautiful landscape and your feet will help...

Roll with It

The popularity of self-myofascial release (SMR), otherwise known as “foam rolling,” has skyrocketed in the last decade. Due to this growth, the practice has become a relatively common and practical method for increasing flexibility...

The Key to Healthy Hips

Having problems progressing with your training? Can’t improve your time in competition? Getting recurrent pain or injuries, involving the same sites? If so, it’s time to check your alignment, given that in over 80...

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Whistler Wellness, British Columbia, Sproatt Trail Network

Live Your Best Life in Whistler this June 

It’s hard to argue that June is one of the best months of the year. The days are at their longest, the sun warms...
Servus Calgary Marathon runners at the start line

The 60th Anniversary of the Servus Calgary Marathon

This year, be part of history when Calgary celebrates the 60th year of lacing up shoes and getting heart rates pumping for the Servus Calgary...

Castle Alpine Trail Race

Few places in Alberta are more scenic than Castle Provincial Park in the fall, with the slopes covered in fiery red brush and bright...


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Move To Move

Nestled in Calgary's Ramsay-Inglewood neighborhood, Move To Move isn't your typical rehab clinic or gym. It's a unique facility that bridges the gap between rehabilitation and movement, offering a holistic approach to physical well-being.
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