Editorial Mandate

A leader in the fitness industry, IMPACT Magazine is committed to publishing content provided by the best experts in their fields for those who aspire to higher levels of health, fitness, and individual sport performance.

Now in its 32nd year, IMPACT Magazine is one of Canada’s longest published magazines. It is the only Canadian publication dedicated to health, fitness, and sport. Through our feature articles and regular departments, including Workout, Running, Food & Nutrition, Sport Medicine, Fitness, Training and Gear, we reach Canadians looking to improve their health and fitness, and people who desire current, relevant, and reliable information at their fingertips. Readers trust IMPACT.

IMPACT Magazine is based in Calgary, Vancouver and Toronto, but the magazine reaches far beyond through nationwide subscriptions, digital editions and international readership through impactmagazine.ca. IMPACT Magazine draws on internationally renowned experts, writers, photographers and illustrators to cover fitness issues and trends that are of interest to all Canadians. Our readers know this.

IMPACT Magazine’s editorial content is not for sale. Editorial content is independent from advertising, and no special editorial consideration or commitment of any kind can form any part of an advertising agreement. All editorial inquiries must be directed toward the editor and not advertising representatives.

There is no other magazine like IMPACT in Canada. The majority of our exclusive readership cannot be reached by other publications.

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For additional information, please contact:

Publisher & Editor-in-Chief, Elaine Kupser
Office: 403-813-5910