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The newest fitness trends and activities to motivate and encourage a healthy lifestyle.

The Athletic Toolkit for Success in Youth Sports

Building an age-appropriate, holistic approach to fitness and sport for kids.
Cycling Grouse Mountain

5 Reasons Why You Should Start Cycling

Here’s why the COVID-19 pandemic is the perfect time to get a bike and join the cycling revolution!
Nancy Lynch and Ed Rechnitzer Profile

Your Race is Cancelled: Now What?

Keeping your training on track when your running, cycling or triathlon event gets cancelled or postponed.
Nancy Lynch and Ed Rechnitzer Cycling

A Summer Without Races

How to continue training for your next running, cycling, swimming, triathlon or other race during COVID-19.
Fitness Apps

The 25+ Best Fitness Apps in 2020

Whether you're looking to run faster, bike faster, swim better, slim down or even bulk up, these are some of the best fitness apps to help you reach your goals.

Advice From Top Canadian Coaches

When the going gets tough, take their advice.
Mountain Biking Fitness

Expand the Comfort Zone of Your Fitness Routine

Stuck in a fitness rut? Maybe it’s time to step out of your comfort zone.

What You Should be Doing in the Pool Right Now

Triathlon season is coming up soon – here’s some advice from a top coach.
Woman Crosscountry Skiing

Reap Rewards for Life-Long Fitness

The long-term benefits of exercising will keep you coming back for more
Woman Weightlifting

Get Pumped to Train Smarter

6 mistakes to avoid when starting to lift weights
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Merrithew Jenn Dahl Team

Achieve Results With Your At-Home Workout

Virtual at-home fitness is here to stay. Here’s how to keep up your momentum so you don’t hit a plateau.
GoGetFit 3

Rethinking Health & Fitness Virtually

GoGet.Fit supports patients and clients in the medical and fitness communities with an easy to use interactive client-based fitness and health app.
Plant Based Meal A Day

Plant Based Meal A Day

Optimum health through plant-based eating.
Jason Zaran

Fit Kitchen Has Really Been Around…

Healthy food that is!
canfitpro feature

canfitpro 2020 Virtual Series

canfitpro 2020 Virtual Series delivers continuing education and connection for fitness professionals.