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Sweat Across Canada

During the summer of 2020 we proudly announced the launch of our new FREE Online Workouts amid the Coronavirus Pandemic, with our weekly live streaming workout series: IMPACT Magazine’s Sweat Across Canada. This is the best place to go online for free online workouts led by our Canada’s Top Fitness Trainers and Instructors. Exercise at home and completely for free!

How to exercise at home:

Join us at @impactmagcanada for the best at home exercises for 30-minute workouts that require little or no gym equipment! Whether it’s a core workout, yoga workout, or total body workout, there is something here for you!

See below for the upcoming schedule of home workouts.

Miss a class? No worries! You can check out all of our SWEAT ACROSS CANADA previously recorded at home workout sessions below for free workouts that you can do right now. Take a look through this amazing list of at home workout routines from the best instructors and find the perfect class for you to get a great workout done in just minutes each day.

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Enter to win a $65 prize pack from DripFit

Simply follow @impactmagcanada and @drip_fit on Instagram and tag a friend in the comments of the upcoming IMPACT Magazine’s Sweat Across Canada Instagram announcements for your chance to win. Each comment counts as a single entry.

Upcoming Workouts

Maeghen Cotterill

Owner and Operator, 5 Elements Martial Arts in Calgary, AB
One of IMPACT Magazine’s Canada’s Top Fitness Trainers & Top Fitness Instructors

Cardio Kickboxing Workout

Thursday, July 29
3pm MDT, 2pm PDT, 5pm EDT

Cotterill is passionate about fitness, martial arts and connecting with the community. She is an advocate for mental wellness through sports, and believes athletes can be role models for others on their wellness journey. Happiness for her is seeing how strong, capable and confident her clients/students are when they reach their goals.

Previously Recorded Workouts

Workout #1 - Brent Bishop

Workout #2 - Rafal Matuszewski

Workout #3 - Maeghen Cotterill

Workout #4 - Ella Jotie

Workout #5 - Tim Borys

Workout #6 - Jamie Bell

Workout #7 - Peter Estabrooks

Workout #8 - Hana Weinwurm

Workout #9 - Scott Salling

Workout #10 - Tish Duffy

Workout #11 - Suzy Kaitman

Workout #12 - Andy Drakopoulos

Workout #13 - Katelynn Van Engelen

Workout #14 - Philip Ndugga

Workout #15 - Hannah Fletcher

Workout #16 - Nathan Bodewitz

Workout #17 - Michelle Felzmann

Workout #18 - Lana Osborne-Paradis

Workout #19 - Nick Mueller

Workout #20 - Matt Zed

Workout #21 - Rosalie Brown

Workout #22 - Michelle Roots

Workout #23 - Emmaly Livino

Workout #25 - Broden McLean

Workout #27 - Cassie Day

Workout #29 - Curtis Howden

Workout #31 - Curtis Christopherson

Workout #33 - Nathaniel Ernst

Workout #35 - Catherine King

Workout #37 - Geoff Starling

Workout #39 - Dane Pedersen

Workout #41 - Jodi Barrett

Workout #43 - Daniela Tempesta

Workout #45 - Rhyan Pietromonaco

Workout #47 - Kim Harvey

Workout #49 - Karen Kobel

Workout #51 - Dione Mason

Workout #53 - Jess LeBlanc

Workout #55 - Suzy Kaitman

Workout #57 - Jodi Barrett

Workout #59 - Hanna Lenskis

Workout #61- Jennifer Linton

Workout #63- Naomi Keane

Workout #65- Rafal Matuszewski

Workout #24 - Ning Gao

Workout #26 - Tommy Europe

Workout #28 - Julie Hodge

Workout #30 - Melissa Rowe

Workout #32 - Ron McPhee

Workout #34 - Sylvie Tetrault

Workout #36 - Naomi Keane

Workout #38 - Peter Estabrooks & Sarah Hawco

Workout #40 - Whitney Dikoume

Workout #42 - Liz Naccarato

Workout #46 - Greg Hetherington

Workout #46 - Rachel Hall

Workout #48 - Heather Gardner

Workout #50 - Jari Love

Workout #52 - Hana Weinwurm

Workout #54 - Michelle Epstein

Workout #56 - Tania White

Workout #58 - Chantelle Erickson

Workout #60 - Andrew Alcalde

Workout #62 - Rose Serpico

Workout #64 - Elaine Campbell

Workout #66 - Peter Estabrooks



All prize winners will be announced below. This section is updated once per month.

  • Week 1: Leah C. in Toronto, ON
  • Week 2: Katie F. in Strathmore, AB
  • Week 3: Shannon R. in Canning, NS
  • Week 4: Angela H. in Calgary, AB
  • Week 5: N/A – No prize this week.
  • Week 6: Diana K. in Calgary, AB
  • Week 7: Alanna M. in Toronto, ON
  • Week 8: Melanie D. in Westmount, QC
  • Week 9: Liz S. in Calgary, AB
  • Week 10: Kaede S. in Airdrie, AB
  • Week 11: Katie F. in Strathmore, AB
  • Week 12: Michelle C. in London, ON
  • Week 13: Amelia D. in Vancouver, BC
  • Week 14: TBA
  • Week 15: Heather S. in Vancouver, BC
  • Week 16: Wyatt A. in Strathmore, AB
  • Week 17: Nicole P. in Calgary, AB
  • Week 18: Jill K. in West Vancouver, BC
  • Week 19: Amberleah H. in Calgary, AB
  • Week 20: Taylor C. in North York, ON
  • Week 21: Karen G. in Aurora, ON
  • Week 22: Alissa L. in Edmonton, AB
  • Week 23: Michelle C. in London, ON
  • Week 24: Katie F. in Strathmore, AB
  • Week 25: Adriel G. in Calgary, AB
  • Week 26: Deborah H. in Sackville, NS
  • Week 27, 28, 29, 30: Christina K. in Vancouver, BC
  • Week 31: Mat B. in Coquitlam, BC
  • Week 32: Penny M. in Pense, SK
  • Week 33, 34: Katie F. in Strathmore, AB
  • Week 35: Toby C. in Winnipeg, MB
  • Week 36: Macey L. in Canmore, AB
  • Week 37: Katie F. in Strathmore, AB
  • Week 38: Kim H. in Brackendale, BC
  • Week 39: Katie F. in Strathmore, AB
  • Week 40: Sarah H. in Calgary, AB
  • Week 41: Christina K. in Vancouver, BC
  • Week 42: Jenna M. in Calgary, AB
  • Week 43: Amy T. in Kamloops BC
  • Week 44: Donna K. in Calgary AB
  • Week 45: Christina B. in Calgary AB
  • Week 46: Ritchie A. in Vancouver BC
  • Week 47: Sarah M. in Calgary AB
  • Week 48: Minna K. in Edmonton, AB
  • Week 49: Cheri G. in Charlottetown, PE
  • Week 50: Kimmy B. in Montague, PE
  • Week 51: Cynthia S. in Vancouver, BC
  • Week 52: Alissa L. in Edmonton, AB
  • Week 53: Cathy M. in Calgary, AB
  • Week 54: Lexi C. in Canyon, BC
  • Week 55: Melinda P. in Calgary, AB
  • Week 56: Toby C. in Winnipeg, MB
  • Week 57, 58, 59, 60: Jamilla N. in Coquitlam, BC

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