When looking for a new running shoe, it’s essential runners consider specific features that will optimize their experience. Some of these features include comfort, performance, quality of the ride and overall shoe fit. The PUMA Velocity NITRO™ 3 encompasses all these features, making it a top contender as your go-to running partner. Let’s delve deeper into its attributes:

Ultimate comfort and fit:
The new PUMA Velocity NITRO™ 3 is a shoe that allows runners to focus solely on their run. PUMA achieves this by incorporating advanced NITRO™ technology, with two additional millimetres of NITROFOAM™. This nitrogen-infused foam technology ensures a highly cushioned and responsive ride, offering a premium feel underfoot. The shoe’s upper construction is meticulously designed for durability and comfort, featuring a breathable mesh upper lined with bespoke PWRTAPE. A stable fit is achieved through features like an updated plush heel counter, a foam-reinforced rolled collar, and a redesigned tongue and laces.

A shoe for all distances and abilities:
Whether you’re training for a marathon or simply enjoying a leisurely jog in the park, the NITROFOAM™ technology in the Velocity NITRO™ 3 offers an extra boost of energy and responsiveness, making every run effortless. Designed to cater to all distances and abilities, this shoe is versatile enough to serve as your daily trainer or your go-to race day footwear. Regardless of how you use it, the Velocity NITRO™ 3 is sure to become your favourite training partner.

Performance and style:
The PUMA Velocity NITRO™ 3 not only delivers on performance but also boasts a stylish design. From its upper to its outsole, this shoe is crafted to offer both functionality and aesthetic appeal. PUMAGrip is a lightweight rubber outsole that has become an industry-leading technology for underfoot grip and traction. Even in wet conditions, runners will experience exceptional traction that won’t let them down. With the Velocity NITRO™ 3, you can confidently tackle your daily activities, runs, and even cross the finish line in style.

Who is the PUMA Velocity NITRO™ 3 ideal for?
The PUMA Velocity NITRO™ 3 is designed for all-distance running. It is the most versatile, cushioned and comfortable trainer for each and every type of run. If what you are looking for is a running shoe that you can rely on for durability, comfort and performance, wrapped in a stylish package, then the PUMA Velocity NITRO 3 is a great choice for you.

The PUMA Velocity NITRO™ 3
Cost: CAD $165
Midsole Height: 26mm
Full Stack Height: 36mm
Midsole Drop: 10 mm
Weight: 7.8 oz (W), 9.1 oz (M)
Shoe Purpose: Daily Training ; Versatility

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