Health and fitness tidbits to motivate and make you think.
Pets and Pot

Pets & Pot

Owners should beware of the risk.
Overtraining Risks For Young Athletes

Overtraining Risks For Young Athletes

Research suggests growing athletes need to maintain a broad use of their muscles groups.
DIY Deodorant

DIY Coconut Deodorant

Natural deodorant that works.

Go… Gingerly

Increase recovery and reduce pain.
Don't Forget Sunscreen!

Don’t Forget Sunscreen!

Tips for keeping skin healthy during the summer.
Same Sugar, Different Drink

Same Sugar, Different Drink

Sports drinks can pose the same health risks as soda.
Divorce and Death

Divorce and Death

Poor health habits cut life short after marriage ends.

Eating Plant Protein Better For Environment

Saving the environment with a plant-based diet.
Older Adults Stick With Fitness Routines When They Work Out Together

Older Adults Stick With Fitness Routines When They Work Out Together

Study shows the importance of age-targeting fitness programs.
Paddleboarding at Bow Lake, Banff National Park, Alta.

10 Ways To Get Fit Outdoors

What will you add to this list of adventures in nature?
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Merrithew Jenn Dahl Team

Achieve Results With Your At-Home Workout

Virtual at-home fitness is here to stay. Here’s how to keep up your momentum so you don’t hit a plateau.
GoGetFit 3

Rethinking Health & Fitness Virtually

GoGet.Fit supports patients and clients in the medical and fitness communities with an easy to use interactive client-based fitness and health app.
Plant Based Meal A Day

Plant Based Meal A Day

Optimum health through plant-based eating.
Jason Zaran

Fit Kitchen Has Really Been Around…

Healthy food that is!
canfitpro feature

canfitpro 2020 Virtual Series

canfitpro 2020 Virtual Series delivers continuing education and connection for fitness professionals.