The global running apps market is projected to reach US $1.44 billion in 2028 from US $562 million in 2021 (Absolute Reports Pvt Ltd, 2022). With all the choices out there for the runner, how do you know which is the best for you? IMPACT has compiled 10 of the best apps we feel will help you with your run goals and performance.

5K Runner

Eager to add running into your fitness routine? 5K Runner is a great app for that. With run/walk intervals, this app will take you from couch potato to your first 5-kilometre run in eight weeks. What’s more, once you’ve conquered the 5K Runner training program, jump over to the 10K Runner app from the same app designers.
Apple | Android (Free trial)

adidas Running

This wildly popular app has more than 170 million users worldwide. adidas Running is more than just a run tracker. The app offers challenges and virtual races to help keep you motivated toward achieving your goals. The app has built-in GPS tracking, and you can monitor duration, distance, calories burned, and heart-rate data. Also available in the app: yoga, hiking, cycling and more.
Apple | Android (Free, premium subscription available)

Asics Runkeeper

Runkeeper is designed to keep your running motivations high and your fitness goals in sight. Run may be in the name, but that’s not all you can track. Track a variety of activities including walking, hiking, skating, yoga, rowing and more. With audio cues, virtual challenges and running groups, Runkeeper is a great app to keep you engaged and working hard.
Apple | Android (Free, premium subscription available)

MapMyRun by Under Armour

MapMyRun tracks just about everything when it comes to fitness. Log 600+ activities from running to yoga, cross-training to cycling, walking to Pilates and everything in between. Apart from tracking performance parameters like pace, distance, elevation and route, MapMyRun allows you to automatically sync data from other fitness apps and devices to keep you on track and help you in your fitness journey.
Apple | Android (Free, premium subscription available)

Nike Run Club

Whether you’re a beginner looking to take up running, a solo runner looking for some company or an avid runner looking for stats, Nike Run Club is the perfect app to get you on your way. With GPS run tracking, audio-guided runs and custom coaching, reaching your goals while staying motivated is easy. Connect with friends and other runners through experiences and challenges for an extra boost of fun and motivation.
Apple | Android (Free)


If you’re a runner who prefers to get your strides on a treadmill, the Peloton app brings fun and excitement to indoor running. With classes, expert coaches, themed runs and more, staying motivated is easy. Don’t have a Peloton treadmill? Don’t worry, this app can be used in combination with any treadmill.
Apple | Android (Free 30-day trial)


RunGo is a fantastic choice for those looking for some outdoor adventure. Enjoy turn-by-turn navigation and the ability to plan your own route or choose from one of the more than 600,000 routes worldwide. With routes in 171 countries, you will also have access to verified routes like race courses, city tours and virtual races.
Apple | Android (Free, premium subscription available)

Running | Down Dog

You may have heard of the Down Dog app for Yoga; however, in December 2021, this popular app introduced Running, an app extension that provides users with a new workout every day of the year. Users can customize their settings to suit their needs. Select whether you will run outdoors or on a treadmill, set the focus to speed or endurance and select whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced runner to get the most out of your workout.
Apple | Android (Monthly/yearly subscription)


Strava is a staple for many athletes. Get in-depth performance metrics for running and cycling. Strava syncs with most devices, making it easy to monitor and map your training and performance, so you can train smarter. With an unmatched network of trails and roads, whatever route you’re looking for, if it’s been run or cycled, it’s on the app. Take your experience one step further with Summit, Strava’s customizable training and workout subscription service for live performance reviews.
Apple | Android (Free, premium subscription available)

Zombies, Run!

It’s exactly as the name implies. Lace up your runners and get ready because the zombies are coming. You can hear their grunts and groans growing closer, leaving you only one choice – run! This fun app includes virtual races, more than 600 action-packed missions and training plans. Plus, sync your run logs. Zombies, Run! also has a 5-kilometre training program app for beginners. 
Apple | Android (Free, premium subscription available)

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