There’s no denying that we live busy lives these days, and although we enjoy working out at gyms and fitness studios, sometimes we just don’t have the time. For those days when life gets in the way, we’ve compiled the best apps available by category for your at-home workouts. 

Yoga Apps

5 Minute Yoga

When life is too busy, 5 Minute Yoga is the perfect app. Lessons are quick, fun and easy. This app is ideal for anyone looking for a fast but effective workout. With clear instructions and the timer functions, you can be sure your sessions will be completed in 5 minutes – just as the name says. Apple | Android (Free with optional subscription).

Alo Moves

From the clothing company Alo Yoga, Alo Moves is like having a yoga studio in app form. Choose from thousands of practices based on experience level and intensity. Whether you’re looking to sweat, relax, recharge or tone, Alo Moves has a practice perfect for your needs.

Alo Moves doesn’t stop at yoga. Find practices in meditation, strength, cardio, HIIT, barre, Pilates and more from industry-leading instructors, with new videos added daily! Apple | Android (14-day trial).

Asana Rebel

Asana Rebel is more than just a yoga app – it’s a lifestyle app. Asana Rebel builds a daily plan to help you make small changes and adopt healthy habits. The app encourages you to create actionable goals for yourself, and with short but effective workouts, it’s the perfect app for busy people.

Not only does Asana Rebel offer a fantastic range of expert-designed workouts, but by upgrading your membership, you will also have access to great healthy recipes. Apple | Android (Monthly subscription).

Daily Yoga

Daily Yoga may be one of the hottest yoga apps available. It was awarded the 2022 Editors’ Choice, and with more than 50 million users worldwide, it’s no surprise why. With Daily Yoga, try multiple yoga poses, follow along with a guided class or try a weight loss yoga challenge. With new classes added weekly and a smart coach feature to help schedule classes, you’ll love this app. Looking to slow things down? Daily Yoga also offers meditation classes. Apple | Android (Free, premium subscription available).

Down Dog

Customize your yoga practice with Down Dog. Choose your practice length, experience level, music, and practice type, including Vinyasa, Hatha, Gentle, Restorative, Ashtanga, Yin, Cardio Flow and more. Never get bored of your practice with more than 60,000 different configurations. Want to mix it up? With a subscription to Down Dog, you’ll gain access to Down Dog’s other apps too: HIIT, Barre, Meditation, Prenatal Yoga and Running. Apple | Android (Monthly/yearly subscription).

Running Apps

adidas Running

This wildly popular app has more than 170 million users worldwide. adidas Running is more than just a run tracker. The app offers challenges and virtual races to help keep you motivated toward achieving your goals. The app has built-in GPS tracking, and you can monitor duration, distance, calories burned, and heart rate data.  Also available in the app: yoga, hiking, cycling and more. Apple | Android (Free, premium subscription available).

Asics Runkeeper

Runkeeper is designed to keep your running motivations high and your fitness goals in sight. Run may in the name, but that’s not all you can track. Track a variety of activities including walking, hiking, skating, yoga, rowing and more. With audio cues, virtual challenges and running groups, Runkeeper is a great app to keep you engaged and working hard. Apple | Android (Free, premium subscription available).

MapMyRun by Under Armour

MapMyRun tracks just about everything when it comes to fitness. Log 600+ activities from running to yoga, cross training to cycling, walking to Pilates and everything in between. Apart from tracking performance parameters like pace, distance, elevation and route, MapMyRun allows you to automatically sync data from other fitness apps and devices to keep you on track and help you in your fitness journey. Apple | Android (Free, premium subscription available).

Nike Run Club

Whether a beginner looking to take up running, a solo runner looking for some company or an avid runner looking for stats, Nike Run Club is the perfect app to get you on your way. With GPS run tracking, audio-guided runs and custom coaching, reaching your goals while staying motivated is easy. Connect with friends and other runners through experiences and challenges for an extra boost of fun and motivation. Apple | Android (Free).


Strava is a staple for many athletes. Get in-depth performance metrics for running and cycling. Strava syncs with most devices, making it easy to monitor and map your training and performance, so you can train smarter. With an unmatched network of trails and roads, whatever route you’re looking for, if it’s been run or cycled, it’s on the app.

Take your experience one step further with Summit, Strava’s customizable training and workout subscription service for live performance reviews. Apple | Android (Free, premium subscription available)

Workout/HIIT Apps

Fitcoach: Fitness Coach & Diet

If you’re looking to start new healthy habits, lose weight, get fit, get toned or get more active, Fitcoach is a new app that tailors workouts to you. No matter what your fitness level, Fitcoach gives you in-depth explanations of how to do the exercises and gives you time to do them.

Also try the Fitcoach healthy diet plan, which gives step-by-step meal prepping instructions to make it easy to follow a healthy lifestyle. Apple | Android (Monthly subscription).


With access to unlimited free fitness classes, many taught by celebrity trainers, if FitOn isn’t in your library already, it should be. FitOn creates a personalized plan for you to follow and makes it easy to track your progress. The app takes it further than just fitness, with the premium subscription, receive a tailored meal plan with recipe suggestions based on your goals. Apple | Android (Free, premium subscription available).


It’s Europe’s #1 fitness app for a reason, and when it comes to HIIT, Freeletics delivers. With training personalized to your fitness goals, Freeletics makes it easy for you to track your progress and build healthy habits. With over 1000 training variations to choose from, Freeletics focuses on bodyweight training, meaning no extra equipment is required. Apple | Android (Free, premium subscription available).

Seven – 7 Minute Workout

Having Seven in your library means there is no excuse for not fitting a workout into your day. With science-backed workouts to help you reap the greatest benefits in the shortest time, Seven makes getting fit and staying fit simple. With daily challenges, achievements, motivating instructors and tailored workouts, what’s not to love? Apple | Android (Free with in-app purchases).

Workout Trainer: home fitness

Workout Trainer is wildly popular and well received on both Google Play and the App Store. Find thousands of workouts led by expert coaches and try custom training programs. With classes ranging from four to 40+ minutes, you can fit a workout into your busy schedule. 

Not just HIIT, Workout Trainer also offers yoga, strength training and core-centric sessions. Apple | Android (Limited free version, premium subscription available.

Apps for the great outdoors


With a 4.8-star rating on both the App Store and Google Play, AllTrails is one of the most loved hiking apps available. AllTrails is designed to get you outside with a range of activities including hiking and biking. Whether you’re looking for an easy stroll or a challenging summit, with more than 350,000 trails worldwide, AllTrails has everything. Filter by length, difficulty, activity, elevation, attractions and more to find the perfect trail for you. Apple | Android (Free, premium subscription available).

Gaia GPS

Gaia GPS is a popular app for outdoorsy people as it features high-quality topographic maps. Thanks to its great maps and GPS features, Gaia GPS is a great app for off-the-beaten-path exploring. Find hiking trails or plot out your own route. Gaia offers a range of features including track recording, distance markers, custom waypoint icons and more. Apple | Android (Free, premium subscription available).


We’re adding RunGo to our outdoor list because although it is an app made for runners, the turn-by-turn navigation and ability to plan your own route or choose from one of the more than 600,000 routes worldwide makes it a fantastic choice for those looking for some outdoor fun. With routes in 171 countries, you will also have access to verified routes like race courses, city tours, virtual races and more! Apple | Android (Free, premium subscription available).


Exercise Bike Workout

This app has been gaining popularity with its simple interface that focuses on cardio and HIIT workouts for indoor cycling. It offers straightforward instructions and also offers a range of workout styles. Try a Tabata cycling workout, a long trip, a mountain ride or a climb. Whether you’re new to spin or an advanced rider, this app has a great variety of workouts for everyone. Take your workout into your own hands and create your own ride! Apple | Android (Free).


Peloton is known for its on-demand home workouts from world-class fitness instructors. This app offers a variety of spin classes designed to get you sweating and keep you motivated. Change it up a bit because there isn’t just spin available on the app. Try yoga, barre class, boxing, meditation, Pilates, boot camp and more! Apple | Android (Free 30-day trial).


Looking to improve your fitness, get faster and stay on track to hit your fitness goals? TrainerRoad makes it easy to create and stick to a training plan. Whatever your experience level, the plans are tailored to you. The app syncs with your calendar, so you can schedule and manage workouts with ease. Apple | Android (Monthly subscription).

Wahoo Fitness

Your indoor training experience is about to change with Wahoo. The Wahoo Fitness app uses GPS data and can be combined with the KICKR Power Trainer and other Wahoo sensors to track heart rate, stride rate, cycling power, speed and cadence for 39+ different fitness activities. The app is also compatible with numerous other apps and websites to share your workout data. Apple | Android (Free).

Zwift: Ride and Run

Zwift has shot up in popularity over the past few years, with its innovative design that allows you to ride, run and train with your community… from home. Zwift makes indoor training fun by combining video games with serious training to help you get faster and stay motivated. Grab your bike or trainer, download the app and get connected. Apple | Android (Monthly subscription).

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