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Stay healthy and happy with science-backed articles to promote an active lifestyle. From tips on injury-prevention to mental health strategies, these stories educate and motivate.
The Great Asthma Impostor

The Great Asthma Impostor

Exercise-induced vocal cord dysfunction can leave you gasping for air.

OMG! Anxiety

How to manage anxiety before it controls you.
Healthy Communities

Healthy Communities

Why living in a walking neighbourhood will help keep you fit.

Stretching, the Truth

Here’s the lowdown on long, lean muscles.
What's in Your Shirt?

What’s in Your Shirt?

Fewer chemicals, natural alternatives, nudging into production of performance wear.
The Art of Compensation

The Art of Compensation

Bringing your body back to balance.
Sleep Deep

Sleep Deep

5 essential tips toward your most restful nights.
Coping With Concussion

Coping With Concussion

Baseline testing before an injury is key to effective treatment.

Put Your Butt Back to Work

Time to reverse the effects of gluteal amnesia.
Anti-Aging Exercise

Anti-Aging Exercise

Staying active builds a longer, healthier life — right down to your DNA.
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