Canada’s best trainers develop killer workouts with step-by-step instruction to deliver real fitness results.
Heat Up Your Cold Weather Workouts

Heat Up Your Cold Weather Workouts

Sizzle in the gym this winter.
Dumbbell Lunge

Full-body Fitness

Get the most out of every exercise you do.
Jana Finkbiner

The Every-Athlete Workout

How a weekend warrior can build pro performance.
Great Blast of Summer

Great Blast of Summer

An efficient, no-equipment workout to take advantage of the great outdoors.
Sonia Jhas

The Canada 150 Workout

10 moves, 15 reps to keep you fit, from Bonavista to Vancouver Island.

5 Joga Moves For Joint Strength

Joga combines athletic strength training with yoga postures.
Spring Training – Tri Style

Spring Training – Tri Style

Take your routine outside and soak in the sunshine.

Building Muscular Endurance

Take on any distance, while reaping the rewards of feeling great!
Goblet Squat

Train Movement Build Muscle

Primal patterns create your foundation for the sport of life.
Mandy Gill

Killer Abs in 7 Minutes a Day!

11 moves that target your core.
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Nutrients for Recovery

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The Impact of Sleep on Athletic Performance

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Prescription To Get Active

A Prescription To Get Active

A Prescription to Get Active could be the key to get more Albertans moving!
Samsun Galaxy Watch Active2

Train Harder and Stay Connected in Style with the Galaxy Watch...

If you’re beginning to weaken on those New Year’s resolutions, you’re not alone! It’s around this time that many people give up on those...
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How’s Your Vision Lately?

Do you ever wonder what it actually means to see 20/20? In eye care, 20/20 is a measure of how clearly you can see at a...