Canada’s best trainers develop killer workouts with step-by-step instruction to deliver real fitness results.

Spring Training – Tri Style

Spring Training – Tri Style

Take your routine outside and soak in the sunshine.

Muscle to Endure “the Race”

Take on any distance, while reaping the rewards of feeling great!
Goblet Squat

Train Movement Build Muscle

Primal patterns create your foundation for the sport of life.
Mandy Gill

Killer Abs in 7 minutes a day!

11 moves that target your core.
Kayla Bailey

Why Weight

Strength training is the path to a toned body.
Faye Stenning

Get Faye Fit

From the article Stunning Stenning.
Brittany Rogers and Regan Lausher

Nail the Trail

Resistance training moves to unlock a safe and fun trail running season.
Brent Bishop

The Ultimate Beach Workout

Train for performance - look and feel like an athlete.

Taking Triathlon to the Gym

Functional strength training is part of the foundation for every athlete, particularly in triathlon.

Get Your Fitness Over The Wall

Whether you are a beginner or seasoned off-road athlete, here are some training tips to get you fit for an OCR event.
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A Caring Heart

For Calgary realtor Tanya Eklund, philanthropy is a natural part of life – it’s practically part of her DNA. She was raised...
Yoga and Beyond

Yoga and Beyond Now in Mission District

Yoga and Beyond has crossed the river! Enjoy the same transformative experience at this new location.

The Greater Good

These Arc’teryx Problem Solvers are making life better for everyone.
Filsan Abdiaman

Running, Brunch and Keeping it Real

Reebok ambassador Filsan Abdiaman’s passion for running led her to create a run group for women to get active.

What is Insomnia?

Insomnia is the most common sleep disorder and while 13% of Canadians suffer from this, it typically remains untreated. Chronic insomnia has been associated...