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The newest fitness trends and activities to motivate and encourage a healthy lifestyle.
4 Secret Skills That Unlock Your Potential

4 Secret Skills That Unlock Your Potential

From a life spent in pursuit of athletic gains and extensive interviews with the best athletes in the world, these are the skills I know are worth perfecting. Improve on one or all of...
Chair Pose (Utakasana)


Help prevent these injuries by both strengthening and lengthening muscles that are not always focused on in the other phases of training.
Michael Wrede

25 Readers’ Reasons to Get Fit

Responses from 25 morale boosting people to get you into success mode for 2016.
Tandem walk

Take the FABS Test

Use this test in conjunction with the article: Building Better Balance.
XC Ski

Rock Your World With XC Ski!

Discover your best workout on snow.
Lean, Mean and Green

Lean, Mean and Green

6 ways to make your fitness more planet-friendly.
Fitness Trends

Canada’s Top 10 Fitness Trends for 2015

High intensity training, functional fitness and training for older adults top list in new 2015 canfitpro survey.
Every Tribe Has Its Vibe

Every Tribe Has Its Vibe

There's a perfect fitness class out there for you.
Samantha McGlone

Greats of the Game

Sport still shapes lives of some of Canada's top retired triathletes.
ITU Triathlon

Race Your First Triathlon Like a Pro

14 secrets to success for the swim bike run.
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Barbados Marathon

Unleash Adventure in Barbados

To those of us who live in the frosty north, the idea of an island paradise with white sandy beaches and crystal-clear aqua waters...
Simba Mattress

How to Keep Your Bedroom Cool During the Hot Weather

A cool sleeping environment is essential for getting a good night’s sleep. Too hot and you’ll overheat, toss and turn and find it difficult...
University District Block Party, Calagary

Explore the Award-Winning University District at the Annual Block Party

University District (U/D) never falls short on fun, entertaining events, and this year, the U/D Block Party is making its third comeback as an...

Bid Farewell to Bladder Leaks with UROSPOT

Is there anything more annoying than a bladder leak when you laugh, cough, sneeze or exercise? What about the constant urge to use the...
kinesiologist helps a mixed race man doing exercises to strengthen his back muscles. treatment of back pain using kinesitherapy.

Ask the Expert — What is Active Rehabilitation

Active rehab is an evidence-based rehabilitation program used by trained kinesiologists to help individuals recover from an injury or illness. It is an individualized...