Get Active

The newest fitness trends and activities to motivate and encourage a healthy lifestyle.
Bike Packing

Hassle-free Triathlete Travel

Five tips to help athletes take the stress out of travelling.

25 Ultimate Adventure Destinations in Canada

IMPACT’s 25 Ultimate Adventure Destinations in Canada

10 Essential Tri Tips

To place well in triathlon, all three disciplines need to be developed with a focus on technique and conditioning to improve economy at race effort.

100 Gran

A big milestone in cycling is riding 100 kilometres in one go, but training to ride 100K solo is very different from training to race, or participate in, a gran fondo.
4 Secret Skills That Unlock Your Potential

4 Secret Skills That Unlock Your Potential

From a life spent in pursuit of athletic gains and extensive interviews with the best athletes in the world, these are the skills I know are worth perfecting. Improve on one or all of...
Chair Pose (Utakasana)


Help prevent these injuries by both strengthening and lengthening muscles that are not always focused on in the other phases of training.
Michael Wrede

25 Readers’ Reasons to Get Fit

Responses from 25 morale boosting people to get you into success mode for 2016.
XC Ski

Rock Your World With XC Ski!

Discover your best workout on snow.
Tandem walk

Take the FABS Test

Use this test in conjunction with the article: Building Better Balance.
Lean, Mean and Green

Lean, Mean and Green

6 ways to make your fitness more planet-friendly.
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Montréal Beneva Marathon: The Race for Everyone

When we think about destination marathons, we often think of our bucket list – Big Sur, New York City, the Great Wall of China....

Reconnect to Nature in Whistler this June

In an age where technology has us so connected, we’ve never seemed more disconnected from what’s important. It’s time to leave the stresses of...

Popular Night Market Returns to Award-Winning Northwest Community of University District

Have you visited University District (U/D) in Calgary yet? U/D is so much more than a neighbourhood – it’s a national award-winning, mixed-use community...

An Exciting New Course Route and Finish Line for 2023 Servus...

The 2023 Servus Calgary Marathon is revamping its course routes and finish line area! After months of careful planning, rerouting and mapping, a new plan...

Nutritional Supplements for Runners

Sunnier days are here, marking spring’s arrival and slush-free runs. Strapping on running shoes and hitting the trails, track or treadmill can be liberating....