Take the FABS Test

Tandem walk
Photo: Tim Fraser

The Fullerton Advanced Balance Scale (FABS) is a standardized test to assess risk of falls. Score each task out of 4, where 0 is not able to complete the task without assistance and 4 being the maximum score you can achieve, meaning there is no impairment. If you score less than 25/40 you are at higher risk for falls.

FABS Test Tasks:

1. Stand with feet together and eyes closed.
Maintain balance for 30 seconds.

2. Reach Forward to Retrieve Object.
Measure 10” from fingertip. Reach object without moving feet.

3. Turn 360 degrees to right and left.
Take four steps or less in both directions.

4. Step onto and over a 6-inch bench.
Complete safely and independently.

5. Tandem walk.
Walk a straight line, putting the heel of one foot to the toe of the other foot.

6. Stand on one leg.
Maintain balance for 20 seconds with arms crossed, not bracing legs against each other.

7. Stand on foam pad with eyes closed.
Maintain balance for 20 seconds with arms crossed and eyes closed.

8. Jump with both feet for distance.
Jump as far as you can, landing on both feet: at least twice the length of your feet.

9. Walk with head turns.
Complete 10 steps performing 30 degree head turns at pace

10. Restore balance after backward disturbance.
Restore balance independently with one or no steps.

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