Health & Wellness

Boost your immune system, refresh your mind and invigorate your life with advice from IMPACT’s health and wellness experts.
Music & Mental Health: A Restorative Bond

Music & Mental Health: A Restorative Bond

Try some tunes to improve your health.

Let’s Talk About Stress

5 tips for combatting chronic stress and elevated glucose levels.

Discover Your Natural Endocannabinoid System (ECS)

Become your own best bud.

Assessing the ‘Pot’entials

Integrating cannabis into your self-care program.

Winning The Battle

Why staying active can help beat the dreaded Menopot.
Shining A Light On Anorexia

Shining A Light On Anorexia

Fighting the unrealistic image of girls portrayed in society.
Harmful, Not Healthful Exercise & Eating Patterns

Harmful, Not Healthful Exercise & Eating Patterns

Help is available for people with eating disorders.

Using Exercise To Treat Prostate Cancer

Researchers believe intense fitness sessions can eliminate need for invasive treatments.
Fending Off Heart Attack

Fending Off Heart Attack

Even fit people need to know their risk of cardiovascular disease.
Healthy Habits For A Healthy Heart

Healthy Habits For A Healthy Heart

Sound advice for the whole family.
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Jesse Labreck Using the Duonamic Eleviia

A New Portable Pull-Up Bar System Takes the Industry By Storm...

The Duonamic Eleviia is a versatile, portable pull-up bar system mounts quickly to any door frame allowing you to add pull-ups to your home gym or workout space without damaging any surfaces.
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Genesis Centre – The Heart of Northeast Calgary

As a charitable organization, the Genesis Centre's mission is to be “the hub of the community – bridging people in shared celebration, learning, and...
At-Home Yoga Studio

Building an At-Home Yoga Studio

With a small office space (78 sq. ft.) as our starting point, we wanted to show our readers that you don’t need a massive...

Run with IMPACT Unisex Toque

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