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Boost your immune system, refresh your mind and invigorate your life with advice from IMPACT’s health and wellness experts.

5 Supplements Worth Taking for Runners

Keep your running strong and healthy by adding these to your diet.
Try These Morning Rituals

Try These Morning Rituals

6 ways to kick-start your day for success.
Music & Mental Health: A Restorative Bond

Music & Mental Health: A Restorative Bond

Try some tunes to improve your health.

Let’s Talk About Stress

5 tips for combatting chronic stress and elevated glucose levels.

Discover Your Natural Endocannabinoid System (ECS)

Become your own best bud.

Assessing the ‘Pot’entials

Integrating cannabis into your self-care program.

Winning The Battle

Why staying active can help beat the dreaded Menopot.
Shining A Light On Anorexia

Shining A Light On Anorexia

Fighting the unrealistic image of girls portrayed in society.
Harmful, Not Healthful Exercise & Eating Patterns

Harmful, Not Healthful Exercise & Eating Patterns

Help is available for people with eating disorders.

Using Exercise To Treat Prostate Cancer

Researchers believe intense fitness sessions can eliminate need for invasive treatments.
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Runner With Injured Knee

Treating Sport Injuries Naturally

Dr. Erik Nelson from Neurvana Naturopathic Medicine in Calgary, AB explains how prolotherapy can effectively treat sport injuries.

From Biking to Paddling, Harmony Has it All

Kayaking or golfing? Open spaces or spa treatment? Lake life or Rocky Mountain views? When you choose Harmony, you don’t have to sacrifice. As Springbank’s...
Libin Cardiovascular Institute Senior Fitness Header

Aiming For Eternal Youth? The Science Says – Get Active

Add life to your years, and years to your life with the Libin Moves initiative.
Vilano Showhome in Legacy

Finding the Perfect Space for Your Home Office

The way we work and live has drastically changed since pandemic began. For many, the office is no longer a place that you drive...
Huawei Watch

How Wearable Technology Can Help Improve Your Health

Discover expert tips on the art of smart breathing, and controlling your stress levels with your smartwatch with Huawei.