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Discover innovation from anti-gravity yoga to new cardio circuit training trends. If it’s hot, or will be, you can find it in IMPACT.

Understanding Functional Fitness

Functional Fitness. One of many, if not seemingly, unending buzzwords and catchphrases being emphasized within the fitness world. Eat “clean,” muscle “toning,” H.I.I.T., “active rest,” “active” recovery. It can feel like a lot to keep track of.

A Guide to Mindful Running

Meditation and running may seem like activities at opposite ends of the spectrum. Traditionally, people associate the former with stillness, tranquility and a quiet mind, and the latter with exertion and an active, focused mindset.
Gareth Nock

Kettlebell & Suspension Training Workout

As we kick off a new year, get ready to dive into this amazing, full body workout that utilizes two of the most versatile pieces of equipment out there in the fitness world.
Kalyn Swihart

A Ballet-Inspired Workout

The marriage of ballet and fitness provides challenging exercises with amazing results both physically and mentally.
Signs of Overtraining

Slow it Down

Signs of Overtraining
Chiropractor and running coach, Dr. Brittany Moran.

Return to Running After Illness

Tis the season for colds and viruses to spread with ease, and unfortunately that may mean spending time resting rather than clocking your usual weekly mileage.
Team Sports

Game On

As we become adults, we tend to give up a lot of the things we enjoyed as kids. Whether it’s roller skating, dancing or playing an instrument, our once-favourite activities inevitably fall to the wayside when we hit our mid-twenties.
How to Hire a Trainer

Five Questions to Ask When Hiring a Personal Trainer

A fitness professional has the potential to change the way you feel, look and think. Here’s how to choose the right one.

How to Rock Your Winter Runs

Mother Nature is not always kind to runners and in Canada, winter is here. This means snow and ice cover your favorite running routes, temperatures dip below zero, cold winds blow in your face...

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The Original Las Vegas Marathon is Back!

It’s back! Welcome to The Original Las Vegas Marathon, a USATF Certified Boston Qualifier course. Las Vegas’ first marathon has been revived and will be running along part of the original course from 1967 during the weekend of October 5th and 6th.
Whistler Wellness, British Columbia, Sproatt Trail Network

Live Your Best Life in Whistler this June 

It’s hard to argue that June is one of the best months of the year. The days are at their longest, the sun warms...
Servus Calgary Marathon runners at the start line

The 60th Anniversary of the Servus Calgary Marathon

This year, be part of history when Calgary celebrates the 60th year of lacing up shoes and getting heart rates pumping for the Servus Calgary...

Castle Alpine Trail Race

Few places in Alberta are more scenic than Castle Provincial Park in the fall, with the slopes covered in fiery red brush and bright...
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