Sports Medicine

Got runner’s knee? Tech neck? Mental blocks? IMPACT’s health and wellness experts reveal therapies and treatments.

Anti-Aging Exercise

Anti-Aging Exercise

Staying active builds a longer, healthier life — right down to your DNA.
Controlled Articular Rotation exercise

Sole Survival

5 exercises for strong, healthy feet.

Aching Achilles

Regenerative medicine promises new cure for chronic tendon injuries.
Head Game

Head Game

Turn performance anxiety into positive energy.

Tooth of the Matter

Is the hole in your training in your mouth?
Running Injury

Treating Runner’s Knee

Building hip and core strength ends pain faster.

Road to Recovery

Pay attention to what you do after your workout.
Foam Rolling

Weak & Tight

Why your muscles may not be performing their best.

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We outdoor enthusiasts all know how icy winters can get. Over 60% of people admit that winter conditions sometimes deter them from their regular outdoor routine when conditions get rough, but imagine if it didn’t have to?

Celebrating 10 Years of Community

The 10 Mile Tri presented by 3433 Sport Performance is back for its 10th year of action at the MNP Community & Sport Centre in Calgary Alberta, Canada. 

Berberine and Beyond: Heart-Healthy Cholesterol Support 

Relatively new to the supplement world, berberine is a natural compound found in several plants. Some research has suggested that it can support healthy cholesterol...
Chicago Westin North Hotel

IMPACT ON LOCATION at the Westin Chicago River North

For runners who travel to international major marathons, finding comfortable accommodation and a supportive atmosphere on arrival can help alleviate the pre-race stresses of...
Bank of America Chicago Marathon

Registration for the 2024 Bank of America Chicago Marathon is Open

The Bank of America Chicago Distance Series is back, and we’ve got the details on the second annual event.  The Distance Series connects the Bank...