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IMPACT seeks out the best athletes (in the world), with the most compelling personalities and shares their inspirational stories.
Canada's Top Fitness Instructors

Canada’s Top Fitness Instructors 2019 – Alberta

These instructors in Alberta have what it takes.
Canada's Top Fitness Instructors

Canada’s Top Fitness Instructors 2019 – Ontario

These instructors in Ontario have what it takes.
Brian McKeever

A True Image of Canadian Greatness

As his vision deteriorated at the age of 18, cross-country skier Brian McKeever thought his days as an athlete were over. Boy, was he wrong.
Tatum Monod

The Art of Ski

Alpine athlete Tatum Monod channels creative side of sport in big mountain backcountry.
Madi Serpico Whalen

Canada’s Top Vegan Athletes

10 Inspirational plant-powered Canadians.
Hot Summer Fun

Hot Summer Fun

Let our top 5 picks help you discover a new fitness passion.
Serena Williams

Simply Serena Williams

Serena stands proud for women.
Robin O'Neill

Canada’s Best Outdoor Photographers

Amazing artists inspiring us to celebrate the outdoors.
Escape To The Outdoors

Escape To The Outdoors

Why your health depends on experiencing nature.

Chasing Dreams

Tornado hunter & outdoor adventurist Ricky Forbes living life large in the wild outdoors.
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Merrithew Jenn Dahl Team

Achieve Results With Your At-Home Workout

Virtual at-home fitness is here to stay. Here’s how to keep up your momentum so you don’t hit a plateau.
GoGetFit 3

Rethinking Health & Fitness Virtually

GoGet.Fit supports patients and clients in the medical and fitness communities with an easy to use interactive client-based fitness and health app.
Plant Based Meal A Day

Plant Based Meal A Day

Optimum health through plant-based eating.
Jason Zaran

Fit Kitchen Has Really Been Around…

Healthy food that is!
canfitpro feature

canfitpro 2020 Virtual Series

canfitpro 2020 Virtual Series delivers continuing education and connection for fitness professionals.