Canada’s Top Fitness Trainers 2022 – British Columbia

Meet the top fitness trainers in British Columbia

Although we’ve been celebrating them for decades here at IMPACT – this is our fifth year officially recognizing Canada’s Top Fitness Instructors & Trainers. From year to year, we alternate between Top Fitness Trainers and Top Fitness Instructors. This year, we ask Canada’s Top Fitness Trainers to take a bow.

As much as it’s about honouring the Top 10 in each region in our magazine, it’s also about acknowledging and saluting the hundreds of nominees and instructors everywhere who help make our communities healthier.

Nominations have been flowing in since July, 2021. All nominees were scored on subjects such as education, certifications, years in the business, philanthropy and community service. Additional topics which included success stories and personal fitness philosophies were ‘blind-scored’ by our skilled expert panelists who spent hours reading some pretty inspiring stories. What was not part of the scoring criteria was how many social media followers one had, and there was no popularity voting.

“They are talented, inspiring and passionate about helping people live their healthiest and best lives.”

The pandemic has certainly heightened our awareness of how important our health and fitness is, and this industry has continued to give back expecting nothing in return. Fitness trainers have a wealth of education and expertise and a genuine desire to help others succeed. Thank you for your passion and dedication. After many months of anticipation we are proud to present Canada’s Top Fitness Trainers 2022.

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Sean Allt | 35

Professional Training Coach, & Director of Operations, Innovative Fitness Vancouver and Chilliwack, B.C.
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There is nothing one-size-fits-all when it comes to Sean Allt’s approach to working with clients. He empowers others with the tools and skills to take control of their own lives. Sean’s vast knowledge of fitness and nutrition allows him to provide sessions that support clients on a physical and emotional level, achieving long-term goals and a healthy sustainable lifestyle. He brings out the best in people.

“I want to help as many people as possible experience a quality of life that leaves them feeling fulfilled and happy by optimizing their physical and mental health through exercise, nutrition, nature therapy and mental skills training.”

Kalan Anglos | 32

Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist & Owner, KFit Conditioning Victoria, B.C.
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No matter what happened during the pandemic, Kalan Anglos’ goal remained the same: keep people moving and exercising. He believes that anything worth doing is worth doing right. Anglos’ speciality is taking complex concepts and communicating them to clients in a way that is easy to understand and practise. “Through training and teaching higher education, I also emphasize proper exercise prescription, movement patterns, muscular recruitment and above all else, falling in love with the process,” he says.

“Whether you are trying to get stronger, lose weight, rehab an injury, or improve physical and mental health, movement is medicine and I believe exercise is the best prescription.”

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Steve Carter | 42

Co-Owner & Head Coach, Drive 365 Fitness & Health South Surrey, B.C.
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As a young athlete, Steve Carter loved to coach. “I just loved seeing people improve and have that light switch go on,” he says. Carter would offer advice to anyone who wanted to listen. So it doesn’t come as much of a surprise that he’s found his calling in personal training and sport performance. During the pandemic, Carter decided to go back to his business’ “bread-and-butter” of one-on-one training.

“I develop relationships rooted in care and trust while listening with empathy, respect, acceptance and support. … My favourite aspect of personal training is the ability to impact the journey of our client’s life mentally and physically in a positive transformative way..”

Photo: Sewari Campillo

Hannah Fletcher | 38

Owner & Head Coach, Hannah Fitness Vancouver, B.C.

From a young age, Hannah Fletcher learned that movement gives energy and a positive mindset. When a bout of inflammatory arthritis hit the award-winning fitness leader during a difficult time, she was reminded of what she already knew: “Exercise is a hero for our bodies and minds and we can do hard things,” she says. “How powerful is this?”

“Personal training embodies nourishment and connection. By being in service to others, I feel aligned and on the path of purpose. People want to feel seen, heard and understood and I am her for it. … When clients achieve small goals through fitness, their confidence grows and they begin to believe that they have the ability to achieve the larger goals in their lives, too. My mantra is: ‘You are you and that is your superpower!’”

Photo: Ronald Lee

Kelsey Jack | 39

Head Coach & Personal Trainer, Hybrid Athletics Langley, B.C.
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When the pandemic started, personal trainer Kelsey Jack added two more adjectives to her title: mobile and virtual. Every morning, Jack would load up her truck with equipment and travel to her clients’ homes so they could continue to receive the high-quality coaching and programming that they were used to.

“My fitness philosophy is to meet people exactly where they are at and take them to where they want to go in the safest, most efficient means possible. I believe that every single goal is meaningful. There is no goal that is too insignificant or too grandiose. With improved fitness, people will achieve incredible feats and surpass even their own expectations.”

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Dawn Joseph | 46

Core Specialist & Fitness Trainer, Simply Core Fit Kelowna, B.C.
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A solid base for a training program starts with proper mobility and stability. It’s a particular speciality of Dawn Joseph. Following an Olympic sailing campaign, the core specialist and fitness trainer now helps clients re-pattern their core muscles to reduce pain and improve performance.

“When you re-pattern the body to move efficiently and effectively,” she says, “you decrease injuries and pain and increase performance.”

Photo: Amanda Palmer

Jenna Maxwell | 37

Kinesiologist & Personal Trainer, Jenna Maye Fitness Vancouver, B.C.
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Fitness did not come naturally to kinesiologist and personal trainer Jenna Maxwell. But in her first year of university, she found herself working at a pilates studio and became interested in movement and the human body. This led her to study kinesiology and has turned into a fruitful fitness career. Maxwell’s journey means she has a unique perspective on the industry. “I became a trainer to help others like me who have had a bad experience with organized fitness in the past,” she says. “I challenge my clients to get out of their heads and look beyond self-limiting beliefs to see what is possible not only for their fitness level, but also their life.”

“My passion is coaching people into better lifestyles one habit at a time. My training method is designed to progressively transform what you know or think you know about your limitations and challenge your limits.”

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Ian McWalter | 35

Personal Trainer & Strength Coach, Elite Performance Vancouver, B.C.
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Stoicism, the endurance of pain or hardship without the display of feelings and without complaint, has been a guiding principle in Ian McWalter’s life. So it’s natural that it extends into the work he does with clients. “I teach them to acknowledge how they feel, not to give up, and to channel their frustration, grief or anger into inner strength,” he says. “To my delight, this leads to Hulk-like power and motivates them to actually finish their last set of squats.”

“Despite all of its struggles, COVID has helped me grow into a better person and a stronger professional. Life will always throw you unexpected twists and turns, but it’s how you turn limitations into opportunities that ultimately matters most.”

Photo: Ronald Lee

Nick Mueller | 37

Owner & Director of Performance, MC Sport Kinesiology Surrey, B.C.
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Nick Mueller was born to coach. Given the chance to do it all over again, he says he would choose the exact same path. As a kinesiologist, fascial stretch therapy and golf performance specialist, Mueller is uniquely-positioned to help athletes in golf. “Even though health and fitness has exploded in recent years in professional golf, many recreational golfers and teaching professionals struggle with basic health and fitness and nutrition,” he says.

“It has been my mission to leave a positive mark on the industry and help as many golfers as possible play the best gold of their lives, play relatively pain free and allow them to enjoy the recreation of a sport that will keep them fit and active for the remainder of their lives.”

Photo: Cassidy Penney Photography

Scott Salling | 37

Founder & Owner, F.I.T. Academy Port Coquitlam, B.C.
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For Scott Salling, the best parts of personal training are the life-long connections and the relationships you build. “There is this moment when you realize that your clients are so much more than just clients,” says the founder and owner of F.I.T. Academy. “They really do become a part of an extended family.” In addition to working with clients, Salling has created a world-class training environment at his gym that is supplemented with a business-coaching program for fitness professionals. Through the pandemic, they’ve supported each other. “It has been so important to listen and respect one another as we embark through this journey,” he says. “Sticking together as a team and supporting each other has been a crucial factor in creating a healthy and positive work environment for our trainers as well as clients.”

“This profession is more than just working out for an aesthetic look or performance in sport. This career has the potential to change people’s lives for the better and give them the gift of health.”

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