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IMPACT seeks out the best athletes (in the world), with the most compelling personalities and shares their inspirational stories.

Top Fitness Trainers 2018 EC

Canada’s Top Fitness Trainers 2018 – Ontario

Meet the IMPACT fitness pros who can change your life in Ontario.
Top Fitness Trainers 2018 BC

Canada’s Top Fitness Trainers 2018 – British Columbia

Meet the IMPACT fitness pros who can change your life in British Columbia.

Canada’s Top Fitness Trainers 2018

Meet the IMPACT fitness pros who can change your life.
Winter Olympics

’18 Olympians to Watch

Keep your eye on these canucks at winter games in Pyeongchang
Canada’s Top Vegan Influencers

Canada’s Top Vegan Influencers

12 people who are driving change toward a healthier way to eat.
Jana Webb

The Real Housewife of Joga

Jana Webb thriving as her personalized yoga practice grows.
Danger on the Trails

Danger on the Trails

5 Runners share their lessons learned after perilous encounters in the wild
John Price

Mountain Men

How body, mind and spirit can grow when touched by nature’s monoliths.
Melissa Bishop

Melissa Bishop

Melissa Bishop stands tall to keep Olympic dream alive.
Dai and Christie Manuel

Fit Couples

Sharing love for an active lifestyle can bring partners closer together.
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Training Plan

70.3 Miles of Success

Swim, run and cycle your way through a half-IRONMAN this summer
Josh Amanda 1

Fast Fashion

Models: Amanda Regnier and Josh Stryde are both running coaches in Calgary.Photography by David Troyer on location at Seven Chiefs Sportsplex &...
Shoe Review

2020 Road Shoe Review

IMPACT's expert team reviews the latest road shoes for the 2020 season!
Centre For Sleep

The Impact of Sleep on Athletic Performance

It goes beyond not getting enough sleep: often rest is disturbed, resulting in poor quality sleep. The number one concern is that...
Bicycle Crunch

Rebecca’s Core Quickies

Strengthen and tone your core 360 degrees around!

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