Athletes With IMPACT

From pros to weekend warriors, our Athletes With IMPACT are guaranteed to inspire. No couch potatoes here.

Epic Cross-Canada Bike Rides Inspire

Of all the nuisances Chris Cull encountered while cycling from coast to coast across Canada, it was the horse flies of Northern Ontario that proved the most irritating. Worse, he says, even than the...

The Octogenarian Record-Breaker

There are few runners on the island province of Newfoundland who draw as much fanfare as Florence Barron. It’s perhaps not surprising that the crowds cheer so enthusiastically when she runs by, because Barron is...

Aristotle’s Story

During the darkest of days, Aristotle Domingo paid attention to his wardrobe. Fashion choice, however, had little to do with trends. His priority was to wear clothes that effectively covered up any sign of his...

Running for Safe Water

Veronique Bourbeau exudes passion and commitment when she talks about for her latest adventure—the African Run Project. Her face lights up, talking animatedly as she describes why she is running 13,000 kilometres across 19...

For the Love of Running

Vancouver’s Filsan Abdiaman came to running eight years ago as a means of denial and distraction from her eating disorder, which she was using to deal with difficult emotions. She was literally running away...

A Champion On And Off The Ice

When Kelly Hrudey retired after 17 years in the NHL, he stayed front and centre in the limelight, becoming a fixture on CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada intermission panels, and working as a TV...
Jerry Kappel

Lifelong Passion for Whitewater

Ask Jerry Kappel how he is faring, and his response is invariably the same: “Good, always good!” The octogenarian kayaker is not just being polite. At 81, Kappel’s joie de vivre knows no bounds....
Erica Van Vlack

A Healing Journey

When the pandemic hit in the spring of 2020, Erica Van Vlack quit her job as a personal trainer at a gym in Whitehorse, Yukon. She was newly pregnant, and as someone who, in...
Athlete with IMPACT Nicole German

Maddie’s Legacy

When Nicole German joins the crowd of runners at the Toronto Scotiabank Waterfront Marathon, she notices a few others wearing purple T-shirts. On their backs, she sees “Shine Bright,” a carbon copy of the...
AWI - Liam

In a Class of His Own

Becoming a world-record holder was on runner Liam Stanley’s to-do list before the Tokyo Paralympic Games, due to take place in July. Last December, the 23-year-old from Victoria, B.C., did just that, running the 5000...

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The Terminator Run Turns 10!

Saturday, September 14, 2024's Annual 5KM Run for Youth Addiction Awareness is more than an event, it's a community movement shining a light on...
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Royal Victoria Marathon Run 2023

Sellout predicted for 44th Annual Royal Victoria Marathon

With 90% of the marathon distance already sold out and the half marathon at 70%, the Royal Victoria Marathon (RVM) is predicting it will sell out this summer, months before the event in October.
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