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Latoya Snell Athlete with IMPACT

Fighting the Stigma

Latoya Shauntay Snell remembers the time well. It was about a week before Hurricane Sandy hit land and devastated the U.S. that Snell received a devastating diagnosis of her own. Snell’s doctor told her that...
Athlete with IMPACT

Finding His Own Way

At 14, many boys are playing sports and adjusting to being teens. However, Peter Field was adjusting to life without his sight. Field was diagnosed with glaucoma, an eye disease causing optic nerve damage that...
Athlete with IMPACT

Beating the Odds

What’s more impressive than filling a running résumé with 50 marathons and five ultramarathons? What’s more impressive than posting personal-best times by the age of 48? What’s more impressive than progressing without the aid of coaches? Answer:...

Rediscovery Through Yoga

Shayla Stonechild doesn’t take the easy route. Eight years ago, when she tried yoga for the first time, she opted for a hot yoga class—one that ended up being difficult in ways beyond just...


Tyler Turner could be considered your typical Western Canadian guy. Born in Saskatchewan and raised in Alberta, he fell early and hard for Western Canada’s rare combination of winter and summer sports, transitioning seamlessly from...

Overcoming Rejection

Appreciative of the workout program that rescued him from a very dark place, Robert Wong made a decision—despite being well into his 50s, he would pay forward the benefits of High Fitness by teaching...

Reconciling with the Past

Perched on the top of a hill overlooking the small Manitoba community with which it shares its name, the Birtle Residential School is hard to miss. The “Stone School” was built in 1882 and...

Running for Fitness and Terry

In 1991, 11 years after Terry Fox’s legendary Marathon of Hope—and a decade after the Canadian hero died of cancer at age 22—his older brother, Fred, ran his very first marathon. Like Terry and their...

Ultra-Runner Finds Parallels Between Sport and Medical Journey

Deanna Thome is a Calgary-based ultra-runner who has run eight ultra-marathons and is training for her first full Ironman, having completed her first half-Ironman last year. She also happens to have epilepsy, which she describes...

Epic Cross-Canada Bike Rides Inspire

Of all the nuisances Chris Cull encountered while cycling from coast to coast across Canada, it was the horse flies of Northern Ontario that proved the most irritating. Worse, he says, even than the...

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