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Dr. Nana Boadi, BSc, OD | Dr. Regan Nowlan, BSc, OD | Dr. Ellen Anderson Penno, MD MS, FRCSC, Diplomate ABO | Dr. Mona Purba, BSc, OD

Dr. Ellen Anderson Penno’s passion for opthamology started at an early age. She was reminded of just that recently after finding a stuffed animal from her childhood. “I hadn’t thought about that donkey for years,” she says. “His eye was glued back in and I thought, ‘I have always wanted to be an eye doctor,’ because I was working on my stuffy at the age of five.”

The owner of Western Laser Eye Associates works with optometrists Dr. Nana Boadi, Dr. Mona Purba and Dr. Regan Nowlan – a co-management approach that means patients benefit from expertise from doctors of optometry and Dr. Anderson Penno, an ophthalmologist — a medical doctor. Optometrists provide health screenings and prescriptions for glasses and contact lenses while also monitoring patients with eye conditions such as glaucoma or diabetes. Dr. Boadi, who has been trained in orthoptics, specializes in diagnosing eye movement disorders and treatment for double vision in adults and children.

Dr. Purba has extensive experience with refractive surgery patients and has an interest in ocular disease. Dr. Nowlan has years of eye care experience and an interest in treatment for dry eye. “They do a lot of things I can’t do and I do a lot of things they can’t do,” Dr. Anderson Penno says. “I manage more complex cases.” Dr. Anderson Penno treats patients with the latest technologies, including laser treatments for glaucoma and cataracts. She is also an expert in PRK surface laser vision correction, performing thousands of procedures in her career. Owning her own clinic has allowed Dr. Anderson Penno to offer the most personalized service. “I will take good care of you and care for you for the rest of your life,” she says. “My oldest patient, who had glaucoma, was 105 and still seeing 20/20 in one eye.”

Dr. Anderson Penno is an author of four books on eye care, an avid hiker and an active member of her community for charitable causes, such as Habitat for Humanity.

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