Bike Fitting 101

Bike Fitting 101

Just like shoes, bikes need to fit to be comfortable! Many people focus on the type and quality of the bike itself with little consideration of how the bike fits our very different bodies!

Whether you are new to cycling, returning to the sport after a long layoff, or an experienced rider, start by ensuring you purchase or are using a bike that is the correct frame size. This is critical for comfort and safety.

A properly fitted bike can improve overall comfort, enjoyment, prevent injury or postural issues and enhance performance. Any reputable bike shop will help you find the right fit to ensure proper frame size, seat positioning and handlebar reach for starters. A more comprehensive fit incorporates health history, body function assessments and the use of specialized software to assess how the body is positioned and reacting to the bike.

Typical adjustments include saddle choice (width, shape and cushion level), seat height and fore/aft position, handlebar stem length/angle and, in some cases, shoe cleat position. Often, individuals notice immediate improvement in frequent complaints including seat discomfort, numbness in the hands, feet and neck or shoulder tension.

All types of riders – commuters, fitness riders, roadies and mountain riders can benefit from a bike fit. So, if you’re wincing just thinking about getting on your bike, head to your nearest cycling store and get the problem solved!