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Western Laser Eye Associates Dr. Ellen Anderson Penno, MD, MS, Dipl, ABO, FRCSC and Dr. Regan Nowlan, BSc, OD.
Dr. Ellen Anderson Penno, MD, MS, Dipl, ABO, FRCSC and Dr. Regan Nowlan, BSc, OD.

Whether you need prescription eyewear or want to get rid of your glasses, Western Laser Eye Associates helps make your choice clear. 

The ophthalmology practice is led by Dr. Ellen Anderson Penno, an experienced laser surgeon, while the optometry side of the business is captained by Dr. Regan Nowlan and Dr. Nana Boadi.

“The very foundation of care for each client is to maintain eye health,” says Dr. Anderson Penno, who trained at the Mayo Clinic in her native Minnesota. “We always remember that there are people attached to those eyes.”

Western Laser Eye is the only clinic in southern Alberta to offer the minimally invasive SMILE procedure, which is the latest technology available for laser vision correction to reduce the need for glasses or contact lenses—some are referring to it as “LASIK 2.0.” SMILE stands for Small Incision Lenticule Extraction, a fancy term for the latest laser technology that improves your vision with minimal surgical impact. Focussed laser energy creates a contact lens shape called a lenticule within the cornea that helps reset a patient’s vision. The laser contact lens is removed within minutes and when the cornea settles down, vision is restored. With only a minor incision, healing is rapid and discomfort minimized.

Surgery cost is about $2,500 per eye, competitive with the price of designer glasses if updated every couple of years. Dr. Nowlan and the on-site Twenty/20 Eyewear optical offers glasses and contacts for those who don’t qualify for or don’t wish to have laser vision correction, and also offers sunglasses and prescription reading glasses.

As a medical doctor, Dr. Anderson Penno ensures complete care for each of her patients, treating diseases such as glaucoma, cataracts and macular degeneration. Sometimes, vision problems have root causes far from the eyes that require specialist referrals.

“Our goal is to provide complete continuity of eyecare, from quality eyewear to eye healthcare to laser vision correction—optometry and ophthalmology under one roof,” says Dr. Anderson Penno. “We’ve got a nice collaboration of women entrepreneurs who have joined forces to cover all aspects of eye care.”

On a personal note, Dr. Anderson Penno is looking forward to the release of her new memoir in 2024, called Counting Bones, Anatomy of Love Lost and Found being published by NeWest Press.

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