Anti-Aging Medical Laser Clinic

Finding non-invasive solutions to the aging process

Nadine Frame, BAFA (Hons), CEO; Dr. Gidon Frame, MD, FCFP, ABAARM.

Dr. Frame’s vision of a preventative health-care clinic combines anti-aging medicine with non-surgical cosmetic treatments. At Anti-Aging, wellness is about functioning well and looking the best you can, for your age. Dr. Gidon Frame, is a specialist in family medicine, with a passion for cosmetic health. He opened the private clinic with his wife, Nadine, in 2003. It’s a perfect blend of his medical expertise and her artistic passion.

As cosmetic treatments are art, that brings together current science and technology, to “help our patients look the best they can for their age. We believe the natural look is age-appropriate.” Treatments expand from injectables that relax or contour your face into a more youthful you. By returning lost volume, lifting, and smoothing out fine-lines patients have come to know we can age gracefully with restoration. Skin treatments with radiofrequency (Thermage) are used for tightening. And new to the clinic is Ultherapy, for lifting. It is a great option that goes hand in hand with Silhouette threads.

Customized treatment plans are provided in detail for every patient. It is all about the relationship that is developed in the clinic. Dr. Frame offers guidance for patients, male and female. “Many of our male patients desire a stronger jawline, to disguise the jowls that are inevitable for all of us, who have anything to do with gravity.” Often distinguishing the jawline from the neck can require not only fillers, but also Coolsculpting (freezes fat) for under the chin, or Belkyra to dissolve fat. Dermal fillers are a remarkable tool in the cosmetic field for skin resuscitation, hydration, and facial modularization. Anti-Aging offers a broad range of treatments that can reduce pigment, tighten skin, and enhance collagen.

When you are carrying extra fat, there are options that include a weight management program, Coolsculpting, and Emsculpt. If your bedroom life needs some help speak to the clinic as there is Alma Duo (for ED) and diVa for vaginal health. So, no matter what your concern, you can expect a tailored treatment plan with care and honesty at the Anti-Aging Clinic.

Dr. Frame says, “Optimizing health and appearance leads to a better quality of life or improved self-esteem.” What makes them special? “We spend time with our patients and want them to feel and look amazing.” Dr. Frame graduated from Wits medical school, South Africa in 1986.

Anti-Aging Medical & Laser Clinic

2200 W. 4th Ave Vancouver, B.C. V6K 1N8

Website: | Facebook: AntiAgingVan | Twitter: antiagingvan | Instagram: antiagingvan

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