2022 Corporate – Nutrition Winners

Photo by Graham McKerrell

AOR Supplements, Calgary, AB

AOR aims to transform health through natural, personalized and therapeutic care. Since 1991, AOR has transformed scientific research into evidence-based, natural health products that empower people to lead their best lives.

Throughout the pandemic, AOR has continued to provide customers with high-quality offerings in many areas of wellness, including a holistic approach to immunity support.

Along with the supplements already offered, AOR quickly adapted to launch new products, including a probiotic-based supplement and sanitizer to further protect both staff and customers.

Although AOR has always been quick to adapt to a changing market, the pandemic made them do so faster than they ever thought possible. AOR had to overcome supply shortages and delays and work with the rapidly changing criteria to help people access the products they sought in times of uncertainty.

With new health and sanitization standards to protect employees, AOR has been able to sustain business growth during the pandemic without any COVID-19 outbreaks in the workplace.

AOR has provided customers and the community free access to podcasts, which discuss topics such as immunity and mental health. By providing education on products, health and wellness, AOR has been able to support employees and the community throughout the pandemic.

“We’re honored to receive this award and look forward to many more years of successfully bringing research-based science to the natural health industry. Continuing to provide education not only about our products but about health and wellness as a whole, is something AOR is passionate about.”
Dr. Traj Nibber, CEO/CSO


Photo by Lluvia @capture_divine, submitted by Danielle Arsenault, Pachavega

Pachavega Living Foods Education, Qualicum Beach, BC

Pachavega Living Foods Education is an award-winning plant-based Culinary Art Institute in Qualicum Beach, B.C. Founded by Danielle Arsenault, within the context of Pachavega, she teaches her clients how to become the master of their health and wellness.

When the pandemic hit, Danielle was faced with a potentially difficult decision: adapt or change careers. It was hardly a second thought, however. After a decade of hard work, sweat and tears, she wasn’t giving up.

Danielle saw an opportunity to morph into the realm of online learning. In 2020, Pachevega Living Foods Education launched two online courses, bringing the 16-day Raw Food Chef Certification course online. A little over a year later, Danielle had more than 200 students from across the world enrolled, from places as far away as Dubai, Australia, Malaysia, Europe, the Virgin Islands and many more!

Danielle’s social media grew extensively, and she had the opportunity to interact with more students and followers, helping people take back their health with the power of plants.

The pandemic has been an incredible learning experience, allowing Danielle to hire others – experts in their field – to help support her and her business.

“It means so much to be recognized for all the unseen effort I’ve poured in this business over the years. Learning from the ground up, failing, falling and rising many times over and over but never giving up truly has its rewards. This award comes at a milestone moment. Pachavega Living Foods Education is about to turn 10 years old. Among the years, I have received countless messages from near and far of those who’ve been touched, changed and empowered by what I do. That my efforts to share the positive effects of a plant-based lifestyle and guide those to discover the healing power of their bodies has actually changed the lives of many and continues to do so. And just as I have inspired, I’ve been inspired by the stories of resiliency, the strength of willpower from within, the courage to say, ‘I will not let my health deteriorate anymore, and I will change my destiny.’ I am honoured to receive this award and to share the success with all current Pachavega students and past graduates, my followers and true supporters, my family and those who’ve believed in me all along.”

Danielle Arsenault, founder

Photo by Curtis Comeau, submitted by Kristyn Carriere, Seven Summits Snacks

Seven Summits Snacks Inc. Sports Nutrition, Edmonton, AB

Founded in 2019 in memory of RH Fisher’s last adventure, Seven Summits Snacks has a passion for chocolate and health. They provide purposeful nutrition and satisfying chocolate products. From indulgence to sports performance, they have superfood chocolate snacks to fit your needs at different times of the day.

Just because the pandemic cancelled races and shut down gyms didn’t mean that consumers were going to stop being active! Seven Summits Snacks launched their women-owned, Alberta-made sports nutrition company irrespective of the changing world around them.

Switching from traditional in-market sampling as product validation, the team of three endurance athletes launched their initial product validation virtually, targeting online running groups to be product testers with mail-out samples.

Operating as a home-based business in Edmonton, the Seven Summits Snacks team continues to grow their distribution by embracing the lean working model, and they have flourished thanks to the “shop local” mentality that their core consumers support. 

The team engages their audience monthly with their Seven Summits Snacks Social events encouraging people to be active with chocolate in different ways.

As the world has begun to re-open, Seven Summits Snacks has been able to return to its initial launch strategy of supporting community endurance events as sponsors for iconic races such as Sinister 7, the Grizzly Ultra and the Finlayson Arms Ultra.

“Winning the Business Resilience Award is a meaningful accolade to 7 Summits Snacks as we continue to grow our innovative sports nutrition business. The category has remained rather static over the past 10 years with the choice of products for athletes remaining as gels, drinks, oats and dates. Chocolate has a wonderfully delicious composition that compliments endurance sport, and taking a chance to launch a new product format during the pandemic was certainly a risk. The active community in Western Canada was hungry for change, and with the social support of platforms such as IMPACT Magazine, 7 Summits Snacks was not only able to launch- but also grow as a company. Working with IMPACT and winning this award solidifies our beliefs that your sports nutrition products can be functional AND tasty. Thank you!”

Kristyn Carriere

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