2022 Corporate – Medical Winners

Photo by Kolby Meyers @simplymodernmarketing, submitted by Innovative Sport Medicine

Innovative Sport Medicine, Calgary, AB

Innovative Sport Medicine helps you get back to an active lifestyle. Each member of our team plays a specific role in your injury journey – from initial assessment and diagnosis to treatment and rehabilitation, to return to your sport or activity. At each stage, you will work with a physician or therapist with the expertise needed to get you to the next step in your recovery.

Like countless other health and wellness businesses, when COVID-19 hit, Innovative Sports Medicine saw an initial drop-off in patients seeking non-emergent medical care. But as lockdowns persisted, they quickly realized that their community needed their services more than ever.

With their Rapid Access Sport Injury Clinic (RASIC), Innovative Sports Medicine helped ease the burden on emergency departments. RASIC provides patients with access to specialized care for musculoskeletal injuries within 72 hours, with no referral or fees.

The team focused on their GLA:D and RunIQ programs, which were essential in promoting and preserving movement throughout the pandemic.

Beyond the physical support, Innovative Sports Medicine also recognized the toll of lockdowns and isolation on mental health, and they adapted their services to help, onboarding a sports psychologist and incorporating mental health strategies into their treatment plans.

One of their own, Dr. Willem Meeuwisse, acted as the medical director for the NHL and played an instrumental part in preparing NHL players to return to sport during the height of COVID-19.

“It is such a great honour to receive this award. As the name implies, it really is a testament to the resiliency of the clinicians at Innovative Sport Medicine. Our mission is to disrupt the traditional method of musculoskeletal patient care and get more patients in to see the right medical professional at the right time for the right treatment. We know that early access means early diagnosis, which leads to better outcomes. Our clinicians really stepped up during the pandemic to create some unique programs like RASIC (rapid access sport injury clinic), RunIQ (injury prevention for runners), and GLA:D+ (exercise programs for individuals with osteoarthritis).

Being recognized by IMPACT Magazine is truly special. We are all big fans of the publication and used to anxiously await each new issue being delivered to the clinic (pre-COVID of course!).

More importantly, my hope is that something like this will help increase community awareness of resources available to them. Despite providing care in the RASIC for over 2,200 people since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, many still do not know where to turn when they get injured. I wish everyone knew that there’s a new way to access specialized care without having to pay out of pocket and without having to wait in the Emergency Department.”

Marcus Robinson, medical director

Photo submitted by Taylor Chung, Kodak Lens Healthcare

Kodak Lens Healthcare, Toronto, ON

With over 30 years of experience, Kodak Lens are independent doctors of optometry who have the vision to provide excellence in vision care and patient experiences.

From March to June 2020, Kodak’s nine clinics were closed due to the first lockdown of the pandemic. Throughout the three-month closure, they had to figure out how to sustain, change and evolve their local optometry and optical eye care clinics.

Kodak Lens provided emergency eye care and tele-optometry services during the first lockdown, implemented e-commerce, better online booking, new promotions and contests, COVID-19 screening, and better customer service and communication tools.

During the pandemic, Kodak Lens completed the Recovery Activation Program offered by the Toronto Board of Trade and won several awards and contests that helped them survive the pandemic. 

With plans to revamp the finance department, hire new team members and boost their online presence and security, the team at Kodak is positive about the future.

“Thank you so much for awarding us with a Business Resilience Award. Kodak Lens Vision Centres are a full-service optometry and optical practice providing eye care, eyewear services, eyewear products, optical accessories, contact lenses and nutraceuticals. We have optometrists, opticians and optometric assistants daily serving our mission to provide excellence in vision care and remarkable experiences. We exclusively provide this global brand of high-quality Kodak Lens products at a very affordable and transparent pricing. With 7 convenient locations in Toronto & GTA, Kodak Lens allows consumers every day to enjoy rich, crisp, and vibrant colour vision.

Our goal is to help people “See The Colours of Life.” By overcoming a healthcare crisis such as the pandemic, we were fortunate to continue to serve and impact our communities by ensuring a safe and comfortable visit. Winning this award shows our commitment to the overall health and eye health of our patients, and we are truly honoured to receive such recognition. We believe the gift of sight is very important in living your best life, and this award continues to inspire us. We are inspired to preserve and enhance our patient’s vision to the highest level possible, using the most advanced technology and customizing to your personal needs. We are inspired to exceed our patient’s expectations in caring for their precious gift of sight, for the entire lifetime they entrust their care to us. Thank you, IMPACT Magazine, for highlighting health businesses that truly care.”

Taylor Chung, optician

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