2022 Corporate – Health Winners

Photo by Blue Rooster Studio, submitted by Linda Bolton, Natural Calm Nutrition

Natural Calm Nutrition, Thornhill, ON

Linda Bolton and her husband Dale brought Natural Calm to Canada in 2005. Natural Calm is a magnesium drink used to reduce stress, improve sleep, reduce pain, promote heart health and more.

In 2020, when the pandemic hit and the global economic engine came to a standstill, the team at Natural Calm was worried their business might be in jeopardy. It didn’t take long before they recognized the shift to stay-at-home e-commerce ordering, and they immediately pivoted their business to be more present online.

As orders increased and began to stack up, they realized that not only did they need to relocate the business to a bigger space, but they also needed more staff. 

Natural Calm took a risk and moved their operations into a warehouse, doubled the size of their team and successfully met the rapid increase in demand for their products.

Natural Calm is more than a business. When Linda and Dale visited Malawi in 2004 to help build an orphanage, they witnessed the poverty and limited access to nutritious food that the children faced. It was shortly after their visit that they decided to create the non-profit Thrive for Good, which empowers people to step out of poverty by cultivating Life Gardens.

Since Natural Calm came to Canada, Linda and Dale have given 100 per cent of their profits to Thrive for Good, totalling over $3 million.

“Winning this award is special to me as it helps us to understand that all of the hard work that we have done over the past 18 years is being recognized and understood. Most importantly it brings awareness to our company as a social enterprise that not only is trying to help people with their health here in Canada but more importantly trying to help irradicate extreme poverty through our charity Thrive For Good.”

Linda Bolton, founder and CEO

Photo by Kaitlyn Roth @photography._k, submitted by Revival Therapeutic & Performance

Revival Therapeutic & Performance, Airdrie, AB

Revival Therapeutics & Performance is a female-owned and operated manual therapy clinic in Airdrie, AB, created by a team of athletic therapists with a passion for enabling people in pain to take back control of their health.

After being temporarily laid-off due to the pandemic, three athletic therapists decided to pursue a dream of opening their own clinic. However, opening a business during the pandemic came with its challenges, especially considering an extensive non-compete contract restricted these therapists from bringing any clients with them.

Revival faced other challenges too, with a restricted number of clients that could be seen in a day and no opportunities to network Revival to the public. With the government not recognizing the clinic as an essential business, they were forced to shut their doors during lockdown, not qualifying for a lot of government assistance since they were such a new business.

However, the team at Revival was resilient, switching to online appointments and focusing on creating resources that could continue to improve their client’s experiences.

Despite the challenges during the uncertain times, Revival has not only survived but excelled in building a strong foundation and providing high-quality health care to hundreds of clients in the community.

“We at Revival Therapeutics & Performance are so honoured to have won this award with IMPACT Magazine. It was a huge leap for all three owners to start our own clinic in the middle of a pandemic, but we are so humbled by the success of the clinic so far. We are lucky to be able to help clients take back control of their health every day. Our team has grown to seven amazing therapists and staff members within our first two years of business to support the continuous demand for specialized care in Airdrie. We see this award as an opportunity to reach even more clients and help spread awareness that NO pain is normal and that there is a solution for their pain. It is incredibly rewarding to prove to clients that they are capable of much more than they think they are. Thank you to IMPACT Magazine for choosing us as the winner for this award!”

Revival team

Photo by Lillie Louise, photo submitted by Tall Tree Healthcare

Tall Tree Healthcare, Victoria, BC

Tall Tree has a unique education culture that includes monthly participation in conferences, summits, lectures, and tirelessly keeping up to date with the latest evidence.

On March 2, 2020, Tall Tree opened its third clinic location, a 5000 sq. ft. centre next door to the parliament buildings in Victoria, B.C. Two weeks later, COVID-19 forced them to close their doors.   

The team at Tall Tree pivoted every service they could to virtual health, navigating many logistical issues along the way. Despite losing most of its business volume, Tall Tree was able to keep almost the entire team employed.

By identifying different projects that would add value to the business, they were able to find gainful work for everyone. When the doors reopened in June, in addition to rehab services, they also prioritized mental health care, working hard to build their team and offerings. 

Tall Tree now offers online services for mental health, exercise classes, mindfulness classes, yoga classes, cancer rehab services, and concussion rehab services.

Tall Tree transformed its operation during the pandemic, while still holding true to its values, family-like culture and commitment to the community.

“Tall Tree Health is grateful for the resilience award. It’s an appreciated acknowledgement of all the extra miles and hours we put in to find positive results in a very hard time. Our team bonded, recruitment sky rocketed, and we matured as an organization. Thanks Impact for the recognition.”

Brad Jawl, CEO

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