VIVEAU – Pure Sparkling Enjoyment

Canadian-made natural, sparkling beverage infuses fresh fruit in every bottle without the pesticides, plasticides and heavy metals.

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Fresh. Hydrating. Delicious. That is how Ted Grant, the co-founder of VIVEAU describes the product. A new, delicious beverage featuring real fruit juice and sparkling mineral water that is a taste sensation like no other, now available at your local grocery store.

“VIVEAU has no preservatives or added sugars, is low in fructose and calories and is lightly carbonated,” Grant explains. Featuring three flavours, Wild Blueberry, Ripe Cherry and Crisp Apple Cider, VIVEAU is a 50/50 blend of cold-pressed fruit and sparkling mineral water. The fruit is picked at the peak of ripeness and rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

Grant and his co-founder, Hanspeter Stutz, saw a niche in the sparkling beverage market. Stutz had grown up enjoying Schorle in Germany, an apple juice and sparkling mineral water beverage, and wanted to replicate its flavour and taste. They were amazed at how many drinks on the shelves that were labelled ‘natural flavours’ and even more that boast zero sugar or calories, but none that could actually produce the real flavours of fruit. “Why does everything have to use the term ‘natural flavour?” Grant asks. “Would you make lemon squares out of something that says lemon flavour instead of real lemons?”

Grant’s culinary background, inspired by his mother’s penchant to try different foods, took him to the US and Europe to work, earning him a Michelin Star in the process. His interest in food science led him to realize that he really wanted to create his own products. “I was really hot-wired to be an entrepreneur and I decided to take all my experience and furnish my own project.” With Stutz, a renowned wine maker in Nova Scotia, he decided to channel their joint resources into producing a product that would show off the best locally produced fruit. “What we pride ourselves on is its taste. Whether it is cherry, apple or blueberry that’s exactly what it tastes like. It’s not vicious or sweet that puts sweaters on your teeth,” says Grant.

VIVEAU is a refreshing, hydrating offering of Canadian agriculture – a feel better beverage.

Ted Grant, co-founder of VIVEAU

All fruit found in VIVEAU beverages is sourced locally in Canada – including apples from Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley, blueberries from Oxford, Nova Scotia and cherries from Vineland, Ontario. “VIVEAU is a refreshing, hydrating offering of Canadian agriculture – a feel better beverage showcasing how great local, Canadian produce really is,” Grant adds.

“After a successful pilot in 2018, VIVEAU launched in Sobeys in the fall of 2019 and spread coast-to-coast in 2020. We took it to our retail partners and they absolutely loved it. With a drink like VIVEAU it’s all about the taste and trial. Since events and sampling opportunities are currently on hold due to the global pandemic, we’ve had to get creative on how we get our product into people’s hands to try. So far word of mouth has been very important.”

In September 2020, VIVEAU earned the Clean Label Project™ Certification, the first sparkling beverage in North American Company to receive this accolade. “This is a huge feather in our cap – it means we are free of pesticides, plasticides, and heavy metals.”

Grant’s goal for VIVEAU is simple: to be a household name across the country. Expansion to the US, Asia and Europe are also planned. “We want to make communities stronger and healthier by making VIVEAU part of their daily routine.”

VIVEAU Fresh pressed fruit with sparkling mineral water

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