Did you know that 80% of Canadian’s do not meet Canada’s physical activity guideline of 150 minutes per week? If you are reading this magazine, you are likely part of the 20% who do move, and for that, you should be commended! Great work!

We all know someone who has said “I should workout”. But why don’t they? There are a number of reasons, and one of the largest barriers is a lack of self efficacy. The lack of self belief that they can stick to it. They likely have tried in the past or had a negative experience. This, coupled with societal demands of work, family and other commitments, create a real perception that an active lifestyle is really out of reach.

Most people know that exercise is, in fact, good for them. But do they know how critically important it is to a long and healthy life? A number of research articles published by Exercise is Medicine Canada show that low CRF (cardio-respiratory fitness) is actually a leading cause of mortality in Canada. Low fitness also can be associated with a myriad of health concerns such as diabetes, heart disease and many forms of cancer. 

So exercise really is a fabulous solution. So, how can we get more people moving? 

In our experience, it is all about behaviour change. Someone needs to make that very important first step, and have support while they make the next few steps, until they form the habit of physical activity. That is where Prescription to Get Active comes into play.

How Can You Help Your Family & Friends?

If your friend who needs to exercise (but doesn’t) goes to their family doctor for a routine check up, the doctor will ask them if they are physically active for 150 minutes a week. If the answer is no, the doctor can now fill a Prescription to Get Active. The patient will then register their prescription on the website, and choose from a number of options in their community. They then redeem their prescription at the facility for a complimentary 30 days. Facilities have been approved by RxTGA as they have Registered Exercise Professionals who will help on board the patient. 

RXTGA will also be adding a number of solutions for those people who cannot attend a facility, whether due to geography or personal choice. We will be providing web based and app based solutions in 2020. 

So as a reader of IMPACT Magazine, you likely know someone who isn’t active, and who would benefit from this program. Please send this article to them or direct them to www.prescriptiontogetactive.com for more information. They can then ask their doctor for their Prescription to Get Active. Maybe they will even join you for a future workout.

If you are a physician who would like to become a prescriber, or a recreation facility who would like to become a member, please email alberta@prescriptiontogetactive.com.

How Does It Work?

    Talk to your doctor and their healthcare team about getting a Prescription To Get Active.
    Record your prescription online at prescriptiontogetactive.com. Opt-in for the newsletter to get motivation sent right to your inbox.
    Find helpful resources and activity ideas on this website to learn how to get moving more.
    Find helpful resources and activity ideas on this website to learn how to get moving more.
    Fill your prescription at a participating recreation facility to get free access. *Be sure to take your prescription with you to the recreation facility*

Prescription To Get Active

www.prescriptiontogetactive.com | 587-896-6929 | alberta@prescriptiontogetactive.com

Prescription to Get Active is a non profit organization, and is grateful for the support we have received from our partners, including Alberta Health Services, Alberta Blue Cross, GYMVMT and HERGYMVMT, Trainer +, in Body Canada and GoodLife Fitness.

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