Plant Based Meal A Day

Optimum health through plant-based eating

Plant Based Meal A Day

The Plant Based Meal A Day program was created by Rose Serpico and Richelle Love, athletes and owners of Tri-it Multisport and RnR Events. Their passion for all things health and wellness led them to eating a plant-based diet, alongside promoting veganism into the triathlon community.

If you’ve ever met them, you know their zest for life fills the room. Encouraging their customers, from newbies to the elite to “Live The Dream”. With the women’s passion in fitness, they were constantly reminded of the benefits of eating a plant-based diet. Vegan athletes have proven time and time again to perform better, recover faster and have a unique advantage over their competitors.

The transition to become plant-based was an easy decision for both athletes. All products at Tri-It Multisport and at any RnR Event are now vegan. From protein powders to energy bars, this clean fuel swap was a no-brainer. The ladies also saw a demand for plant-based recipes. Customers wanted information on what the women were eating at home. Rose and Richelle gathered all their tried and true recipes to create a simple navigation meal plan. The recipes are easy, no-fuss meals that pass the family taste test.

We really wanted people to start looking at how they were cooking their classic family dishes. For example, there are so many ways to make lasagna plant-based without compromising taste, time or tradition.
– Rose Serpico & Richelle Love

The Plant Based Meal A Day program is now set up to send out one email a week, every Sunday, as a subscription service. It aims to cover 5 meals for the week plus a few special offers. As a member, you gain access to the members only section on their website where you can find shopping lists, video series, nutritional information and even features plant-based chefs from around the globe.

Signing up with the program is easy. Jump onto and you can start receiving all the benefits of being a member today. Build confidence in your lifestyle and start eating more plants. We can’t wait for Sunday dinners.

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