Huawei’s FreeBuds 4i are packed with up to 22 hours of playback, so whether you want to stay connected on a run, ride or, at long last, sit back and listen to some tunes while on a flight to a far-off destination – Huawei has you covered.
Huawei’s FreeBuds

Remarkable endurance

The FreeBuds 4i can play music for 10 hours continuously on a full charge. And their industry-leading quick charge technology gives you 4 hours’ audio enjoyment from a quick 10-minute charge – perfect when you’re in a hurry. You can listen all day when you combine playback time with the charging case.

Active noise cancellation (ANC).

Crystal-clear sound with 3 listening modes including awareness mode, and active noise cancellation mode. The sensors in the FreeBuds 4i actively detect and reduce ambient noise. No matter where you’re headed, you can always be immersed in the music you love. And if you want to join a conversation, removing one earbud will pause your music, ready to auto-play again once put back into your ear.
Huawei’s FreeBuds
Huawei’s FreeBuds

Sleek design for 24/7 comfort.

The ergonomically designed earbuds are created to be sleek and comfortable – a feature that has been extensively assessed with thousands of comfort tests to ensure a stable and snug fit. The super-light earbuds radically reduce the pressure you feel even after long hours of listening. Wear them all day in total comfort. The oval-shaped charging case is compact and refreshingly original in design, available in carbon black and ceramic white here in Canada.

Be blown away by crystal clear sound.

It’s easy to be impressed by the range of emotion these small earbuds can evoke. You’ll hear rich instrumental harmonies, clear vocals, punchy bass, and finely balanced sound.

Huawei’s FreeBuds

Huawei calls FreeBuds 4i “the best deal on the market” because compared to other products in the under $150 CAD category they offer outstanding value with the inclusion of features not found in this price segment, like its 10-hour, non-stop playback time.

FreeBuds 4i brings some of the same functions found in products selling at much higher costs – but at a much prettier price tag for $139 CAD.

Our team here at IMPACT took these bluetooth babies out for a trial run (literally). We loved how they fit easily in our ears and perfectly isolated the soundtrack chosen for our athletic outing. We loved that you could tap the earbuds to pause the music. It was an immersive audio experience with the incredible ANC – it felt like we were in our own musical world! But, when we were running near roads and cars, it was easy to turn awareness mode on, so we could be aware of our surroundings and keep safe. 
Huawei’s FreeBuds

We tested the call quality and microphone by calling our friends. They reported excellent sound quality on phone calls and we enjoyed the easy tap, double-tap controls for taking/ending calls.

We continued using the FreeBuds 4i for the remainder of the workday and were impressed by the luxuriously long playback time between taking calls and listening to music while we worked, through to our evening workouts and dog walks.

Huawei’s FreeBuds

We agreed that these buds freed up our hands for multi-tasking during long Zoom meetings without having the hassle of needing to recharge. 

We were thoroughly impressed that if we needed extra juice, the FreeBuds 4i took 10 minutes to get a 4 hour playback time, and just 1hour to fully charge.

Learn more about Huawei’s FreeBuds 4i. At an impressive entry-level price of $139CAD, we give these earbuds two thumbs up!

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