This is the time of year where everyone kick-starts their new year’s resolutions into high gear and is committed to making positive changes. Maybe it’s meal prepping, joining a gym, committing to spending time unwinding from work, or running more. Whatever it may be, there are steps to stay motivated and keep up with your resolutions well beyond the month of January. For the sake of this article, we recommend conquering one goal at a time. Below are some ways to reach (and sustain) your running goals.

Set Realistic Goals

With all resolutions it is important to be realistic when making them. One of the easiest ways to lose track of a goal is by making it unrealistic. You can always reassess your goals later in the year. For example, you’ve been training to run a half marathon, and once you’ve completed that, up your goal to run a full one. These can be everchanging, as long as you keep them realistic to where you are currently at.

Reward Yourself

Something many of us should practice more is celebrating the little wins and taking a moment to recognize progress. One way of doing this is to reward yourself, and there are multiple ways of doing so. A personal favourite is picking up a new piece of clothing or a pair of running shoes.

When your resolution revolves around health and fitness, a new pair of shoes can be rewarding but also help you achieve your goal. Consider the New Balance Fresh Foam 880v11 GTX for your first reward. They are designed to meet the demands of every runner by being built to perform, provide support, and guarantee reliability. These shoes will help you go the extra mile to crush your resolutions through 2022. Or to help stay warm during those winter runs try out the New Balance Heat Grid Vest or Impact Run Winter Jacket. Both are staples that will make for a perfect reward to yourself. (It’s only January so you are at the beginning of this new resolution journey but it’s never too early to indulge!)

Track Your Progress

Another great motivator to stay on track is to see how far you’ve come. It’s important to keep track of the progress you make along the way and will help you see how much more you can achieve. Whether you record in a journal, take photos, or add to an app on your phone, it is essential to take note. This will allow you to take moments to reflect, celebrate your accomplishments, and finetune ways to improve.

Balance is Key

It is just as important to indulge and take some time away from your resolutions as it is to work towards them. Maybe it’s having a lazy Sunday where you stay in your pajamas and binge the latest Netflix series, or skipping your run one morning to go for a coffee and a walk with a friend. Whatever your goal may be, to prevent being overwhelmed or consumed by progress, balance is key. Being present and doing what you love is equally important as keeping up with your resolution…and important to staying on track.

Accept Imperfection

Understand that no one is perfect and there will always be hiccups along the way. Remember that no matter what, always be kind to yourself. For example, maybe you only made it on one run last week instead of the desired three, just remember you still made it out there. Progress, not perfection.  Especially during these times, we need to be kinder to ourselves and be proud of how far we’ve come.

It may only be the beginning of the year – and you have a lot of time to meet your goals -but we hope these tips will help you keep up with your 2022 resolutions, Happy running!

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