Clayton Heights Sports & Therapy Center

A diverse team of skillful, passionate practitioners

Clayton Heights Sports and Therapy Centre
LEFT TO RIGHT: Kyla Majewski, Physiotherapist; Hazel Eslamy, RMT; David Balfour, Founder & Director; Olamide Oluteye, Physiotherapist; Roi Rollins, RMT, SDTT, Graston; Fadi Qawariq, Physiotherapist, BSc. PT, MD MSK Sport PT; Soba, Client Care; Dr. Zach Paul, D.C.;James Najman, BSc. Kin; Nicole Poelman, RMT; Julia, Client Care. NOT PICTURED: Daniel Laskoski, RMT; Alexander Glazyrin, RMT (Osteopathy current studies); Samantha, Client Care; Sherry Farnese, RMT; Salmin Rassuli, RMT; Jason Liu, TCM, Acupuncurist; Prabh Grewal, RMT; Seema Mathew, Physiotherapist. Photo: Todd Duncan

In 2011, Dave Balfour, founder of Clayton Heights Sports & Therapy Center in Surrey, made it his mission to bring together a diverse team of skillful, passionate therapists. His goal was to help as many people as possible get well faster.

Balfour isn’t a rehab practitioner himself; however, he is an expert patient who suffered a serious accident, followed by a painful recovery. He knows better than most what it’s like to rely on skilled physiotherapists, massage therapists, chiropractors and acupuncturists. In 2003, Balfour – an active young man– was in a head-on collision that led to a month-long hospital stay, 23 surgeries, and life in a wheelchair. In time, he walked … then ran … then resumed his active lifestyle.

I give a lot of the credit for my recovery to rehabilitation therapists,” he says. “But I had to find the right combination of therapies that worked for me and that’s what we do for others.”

Today, his team consists of one chiropractor, four physiotherapists, eight massage therapists, one acupuncturist, one kinesiologist and four administrative staff – all of them with their own set of skills and specialities, and above all, a passion for their work.

“I decided to seek out the most passionate practitioners I could find,” he says. “I knew if I brought them together under one roof and let them thrive and focus on their work, then they would be successful with their patients.”

The road to success starts the moment a new patient phones for an appointment.

“We ask about their condition or injury, how it happened, the activities they participate in, their schedule, and more,” explains Balfour.  “It’s about getting the best possible patient/therapist fit, because that’s the first step to a successful patient experience.”

“From there, it’s all hands-on,” he adds. “Machines and modalities are secondary here and patients don’t get handed off to assistants. Our therapists focus on the injury to find the root of the problem. They don’t just treat the symptoms.”

To meet the whole team and view the full range of services offered, go to the clinic website.

Clayton Heights Sports & Therapy Center

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