It’s no secret that being active is good for our mental health. Now, an international running brand wants to understand exactly how. ASICS launched its new worldwide study on the impact of movement on the mind on Global Running Day (June 2, 2021).

The study is happening live, with participants able to take part online at The data collected will help inform the understanding of the relationship between movement and the mind on a global scale.

“Our sole ambition is to empower as many people as possible to experience the physical and mental benefits of movement,” said Yauhito Hirota, president and COO of ASICS. “By taking part in any number of our different events and activities running across the year, you’ll contribute to vital research to help us further understand the uplifting effect of sport. That way we can continue finding new ways to highlight and unlock the benefits for everyone in 2022 and beyond.”

In a preliminary study, researchers had 42 elite and everyday athletes go for a 20-minute run. Using a combination of advanced EEG and self-reported data, they found that a short amount of exercise did have a positive effect on the participants’ mental health.

“With exercise playing such a valuable role in the maintaining of our mental health and wellbeing, it is more important than ever that people can see and understand the positive link between the two,” said Dr. Brendon Stubbs, a leading exercise and mental health researcher who aided with the preliminary study. “Our ambition is to inspire as many people as possible to move their mind and reap those all-important cognitive and emotional benefits for themselves.”

On average, the participants experienced:

  • A 13.4 percent increase in their levels of alertness
  • A 15.9 percent increase in their degree of calm
  • A 14.3 percent increase in how content they felt
  • A 13.3 percent increase in their relaxation levels
  • A 11.4 percent increase in how composed they felt
  • A 9.7 percent increase in their energy levels
  • A 2.9 percent increase in their focus levels.

ASICS Mind Mover

To join the movement, you can go to You’ll be asked to scan your face with Mind Uplift, and to fill out a questionnaire. The next step is completing at least 20 minutes of exercise and then repeating the face scan and questionnaire.

The two functions will show the impact of movement across 10 emotional and cognitive metrics, including confidence, positivity, calm and focus.

The global data will be compiled into an interactive map, which will be available starting July 1, 2021.

You’ll also be able to share your results online using #UpliftingMinds.

To find out more about ASICS’ mission to move one million minds visit: