Top Vegan Restaurants in Alberta

Plant-based foods are increasingly becoming a popular choice, and restaurants everywhere are bringing you delicious, vegan and vegetarian versions of your favourite dishes. Plant-based dining has now become mainstream and is a part of almost everyone’s daily diet, and that makes us very happy here at IMPACT.

If you’re in Alberta and looking for tasty, vegan and delicious place to eat, we’ve put together our Top Vegan Restaurants list for Calgary, Edmonton, Banff and Canmore. We guarantee that the food from these restaurants will leave you licking your fingers.


The Allium

211a 12 Ave. SW, Calgary
Located in the heart of the Beltline, this vegetarian restaurant is cooperatively owned, and focuses on ethical, local, creative food and drinks. You will enjoy a hip, comfortable dining experience.


1319 9 Ave. SE, Calgary
Get your sweets on with this vegan bakery and café featuring handcrafted pastries made with ingredients from local suppliers when possible. Everything is baked in their own dedicated facility.

Cookie Mama

1508 14 St. SW, Calgary
Delicious, one-of-a-kind desserts can be found here. They offer regular baked products, as well as gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan desserts using the highest quality ingredients.

The Coup
Photo: The Coup

The Coup

924 17 Ave. SW, Calgary
With a heavy focus on local and organic ingredients, sustainable suppliers, and delectable made-from-scratch dishes, The Coup will continue to be a Calgary landmark for years to come.

Copper Branch

Copper Branch

201 16 Ave. NE, Calgary
Copper Branch is known for its hearty, 100 per cent vegan eats like burritos, bowls, and burgers. Colourful, healthy, fresh and delicious, feel great about the food you eat.

Vegan food from Hearts Choices

Hearts Choices

4127 6 St. NE, Calgary | 510 77 Ave. SE, Calgary
Hearts Choices is a specialty vegan food store and restaurant with a wide variety of tasty vegan options. Whether you want to buy a packaged meal or enjoy a fresh meal at your leisure, this place is for you.

Happy Veggie House

109-110 303 Centre St. S, Calgary
Offerings include a wide selection of tasty vegetarian and vegan Chinese cuisine, from soups to dumplings to noodles. They will satisfy any craving you may have for Chinese food.

Mondays Plant Café

208 4 St NE, Calgary, AB T2E 3S2
This quaint cafe in Calgary’s Northeast not only offers great vegan and raw bowls, dishes, sweets and drinks but also plant-based catering and custom cake orders.

SaVeg bowl

SaVeg Café

637 11 Ave. SW, Calgary
A small, hip, family-owned vegan cafe with a Korean flair located in downtown Calgary. This cafe serves up delicious vegan breakfast, lunch and dinner items at affordable prices.

Delicious drinks

Seed N Salt

2008 4 St. SW, Calgary
A lifestyle brand dedicated to real food, healthy eating, choosing kindness and helping the community. They are about supporting local farmers and knowing where your food came from.

Ten Foot Henry

1209 1 St. SW, Calgary
Named after a long-time Calgary icon, you will find a vegetable-anchored menu with family-style upscale dining, bridging the gap between what you should be eating and what you really want to eat.

V Burger

V Burger

819 17 Ave. SW, Calgary | 25 Greenbriar Dr NW, Calgary
Enjoy this vegan fast-food restaurant that provides versions of classic fast-food items such as burgers, ice cream and more. Try it for an authentic fast-food experience—without the meat.

Vegan Street

Vegan Street Kitchen & Lounge

1413 9 Ave. SE, Calgary
This full-service restaurant in Inglewood serves up comfort foods that you will fall in love with — from appetizers and poutine to bowls, burgers, tacos and desserts. They will change your perception of what vegan food should taste like!

Whole Life Go

340 14 St. NW, Calgary
‘Stuff yourself healthy’. ‘Plant passionate.’ Only fresh, whole, organic ingredients are used here to create health-promoting food with a focus on sustainability in food practices and packaging.

Odd Burger

1515 14 St. SW, Calgary
One of the world’s first vegan fast-food chains has taken Calgary by storm with its diverse menu of burgers, salads, wraps, desserts, and shakes. It’s fast food without the guilt.


926 16 Ave. SW, Calgary
Borne out of the desire to provide a casual but “conscious eats” cafe for eaters of all kinds and an environment free of judgement, they set out to inspire people to choose foods that are whole, minimally processed and made from scratch for optimal health.

Nan’s Noodle House

926 16 Ave. SW, Calgary
Nan’s strives to do plant-based right with full-flavoured Thai and Vietnamese dishes all built in-house. They not only provide food — they provide an experience.

Tamarind Vietnamese Grill + Noodle House

908 12 Ave. SW, Calgary
A little family-owned hole in the wall. Partake in secret family recipes that feature GMO- and preservative-free noodles and tofu produced in-house and freshly sourced ingredients for a truly unique experience.

Vegan Club Restaurant + Bar

126 10 St. NW, Calgary
Lively Kensington is about to get livelier with the addition of Vegan Club Restaurant + Bar. Promising a menu of plant-based eats and drinks, it’s surely worth the wait.



117-1001 6 Ave., Canmore
This cafe keeps it fresh, healthy & local serving up vegan and gluten-free offerings. They’re a Canmore eatery and music venue that really is just a front to bring amazing people together.

Nourish Bistro
Photo: Nourish Bistro

Nourish Bistro

110 211 Bear St., Banff
Committed to providing fresh, innovative cuisine, they serve up globally inspired plant-based comfort food in an innovative, intimate dining setting with a unique share-style service.


Clever Rabbit

10722 124 St., Edmonton
You can’t go wrong with 100 per cent plant-based options for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Enjoy a comfortable social area and trendy vegan “butcher” takeout options such as vegan cold cuts and sausages.

Food in the Nūd

9618 76 Ave. NW, Edmonton
Products at this plant-based bakery are both delicious and nourishing, using only gluten-free, dairy-free and refined-free whole food ingredients.

Good Stock Foods

11409 40 Ave. NW, Edmonton
The inspiration for the restaurant was to provide healthy plant-based cuisine to customers in a quick-serve and budget-friendly environment. Customers can now get ‘fast food’ during their short lunch breaks and know for certain that they are eating healthy food that is also delicious.


10224 104 St. NW. | 5244 Windermere Blvd. | 16715 127 St., Edmonton (Other locations)
Conscious eats in a casual setting — a welcoming environment for all kinds of eaters. They believe that plant-based need not be boring, striving to deliver vegan eats that appeal to a wide variety of taste buds.


106, 6925, Gateway Blvd. NW & 10740 101 St NW, Edmonton
Voted ‘Best Vegan Restaurant in Edmonton,’ this family-owned restaurant has recreated vegan dishes from their successful family restaurant in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Sweet Pea Cafe

Sweet Pea Cafe and Playhouse

14238 85 Ave. NW, Edmonton
A visit to Sweet Pea Cafe and Playhouse is an experience. As the name suggests, parents and children can have fun in the playhouse while enjoying delicious plant-based foods from cinnamon buns to nutrient-dense smoothies.

The Buckingham

10439 82 Ave. NW, Edmonton
An alternative pub in the heart of bustling Whyte Avenue, The Buckingham is perfectly suited for those discontented with the standard bar scene. The kitchen is proud to be serving up a pub-fare-themed menu that is all vegan.

The Moth Café

9449 Jasper Ave. Edmonton
In two short years, this restaurant has been recognized for providing healthy and nutritious food and drinks as well as becoming a place that houses community events.

Cafe Mosaics

10844 82 Ave. NW, Edmonton
Like its sister establishment, The Moth Cafe, Cafe Mosaics makes a conscious effort to respect Mother Earth with fresh whole foods and organic tonics made from simple ingredients sourced from nearby farms.

Copper Branch

10316 Jasper Ave. NW, Edmonton | 2205 101 St NW, Edmonton
This popular vegan chain has been successful in its mission to serve quality whole foods to the community. From power bowls to burgers, there’s something for everyone here.

Die Pie

11817 105 Ave. NW, Edmonton
Recently reopened, Die Pie prides itself on being Alberta’s first plant-based pizzeria. Using locally-sourced ingredients and special pizza dough that’s more flavourful and easier to digest, it’ll be your go-to vegan pizza.

Loma House

9142 23 Ave. NW, Edmonton
The goal is to satisfy cravings for Asian dishes, minus meat and MSG, and Loma House certainly nails it. They use meat substitutes derived from soy beans and natural mushroom seasoning, so you can enjoy comfort Asian food without the guilt.