Summertime is all about fun times outside which means shorts, tank tops and bathing suits! With the help of a suspension training system you can maintain the fitness you fought for all winter!

The following workout includes cardio exercises that will increase your heart rate and help burn calories, all the while, targeting those leg muscles to get ready for shorts! Intersperse the cardio drills with core-specific exercises to target your arms and abs. The workout only takes 30 minutes.


  • Cat-Cow stretch x 10
  • Alternating lunge x 10
  • Jumping jacks x 30 sec
  • High-knees run in place x 30 sec

The Workout

Complete three rounds of the following exercises. Each exercise is performed for 1 min with rest as needed.

Suspended Low Row

Beginner: Fully shorten straps. Stand facing anchor point, holding handles with arms straight out from chest. Lean back on your heels to an inclined plank.

Pull yourself toward anchor point, bringing hands to chest and keeping elbows tight. Keep body rigid throughout movement.

Intermediate + Advanced: Begin with feet closer to anchor point.

Suspended Low Row
Photo: Jonathan Hafichuk

Suspension Double Lunge to Burpee with a Push-up

Intermediate: Set strap to mid-calf length. Place your right foot into both foot cradles, making sure the right leg is lined up toward the anchor point.

Stand on left leg facing away from anchor point. Lower into a lunge position, extending right leg towards anchor as you descend.

Lunge twice then bring hands to floor next to left foot. Kick left leg back towards anchor and into a plank position. Left foot can be on ground or suspended for added difficulty. Perform a push-up from plank position.

After push-up, raise left leg back to lunge position and return to starting standing position, completing burpee.

Beginner: No burpee, just work on lunge.
Advanced: Add a jump during return to starting position.

Suspended Jump Squat with Tricep Press Down

Advanced: Set strap to mid-length. Stand facing anchor point, holding handles with elbows at sides.

Drop into a deep squat, keeping chest lifted and eyes on anchor point. Jump up, using triceps to drive upwards. Land back into squat position and repeat.

Beginner: Decrease range of motion for squat and omit jump.
Intermediate: Omit jump.

Suspended Jump Squat with Tricep Press Down
Photo: Jonathan Hafichuk

Suspended Skaters

Advanced: Set strap to mid-length. Stand facing anchor point, bringing elbows under shoulders. Begin in an athletic stance, feet slightly wider than shoulder width.

Lightly hold handles and jump to left, kicking right foot back in a skating motion. Land on left foot and jump back to right, alternating feet.

Beginner + Intermediate: Remove jump and replace with controlled side-to-side step-touch.

Suspended Skaters
Photo: Jonathan Hafichuk

Suspended Crunch

Intermediate: Set strap to mid-calf length. Sit on ground facing anchor point and put toes into foot cradles.

Flip over to knees and bring yourself up into a suspended plank starting position.

Pull both knees towards chest in a controlled movement, keeping core tight, then return to starting plank position.

Beginner: Do mountain climbers instead of a crunch.
Advanced: Change the angle of your body in relation to anchor point.

Suspended Crunch
Photo: Jonathan Hafichuk

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