Heat Up Your Cold Weather Workouts

Sizzle in the gym this winter

With shorter days and cooler temperatures, now’s an opportune time to shift gears with your workout routine and ramp up your winter fitness. Whether you’re winter running, hitting the slopes, or snowshoeing in the backcountry this season, stability, strength and endurance are crucial. The following circuit is geared to enhance joint stability, muscular balance, and co-ordination while improving agility and power. Complete each exercise in order then return to the start of the circuit. Complete three to four rounds in total.


  • Cycle or jog for 5-8 minutes, then two sets of:
  • Reverse lunges, 10 reps per side.
  • Slow push-ups to downward dog, 10 reps.

The Workout

1. Uni-loaded Barbell Split Press – (Strength, stability, co-ordination)

Load left side of barbell with weight. Holding bar at collarbone level, step back quickly with right leg into a deep lunge while pressing bar up toward ceiling (lock out elbows). Bring bar back to collarbone level as you step back to start position.

  • 12 repetitions on each side.
  • Turn bar so load is on the right side and repeat by stepping back with left leg.
Heat Up Your Cold Weather Workouts

2. Kneeling Get-up – (Muscular balance, stability)

Begin kneeling on the ground, holding dumbbell in right hand with arm extended. Bring left leg forward and drive off left foot to a tall standing position. Return back to starting position by bringing right leg back first.

  • 12 repetitions on each side.
Heat Up Your Cold Weather Workouts
  • 12 repetitions.

Start in deep lunge position with left leg forward holding dumbbell on the ground in right hand. Drive off left foot while simultaneously pulling dumbbell close to chest. Finish by powerfully jumping off the ground, driving the right knee up while pressing dumbbell overhead. Return back to starting position, absorbing landing.

  • 12 repetitions then complete on opposite leg and opposite arm.

5. Kettlebell Pull Through Plank – (Core)

In plank position with kettlebell beside right shoulder. Reach through with left hand to pull kettlebell under body. Place kettlebell beside left shoulder return to plank position. Then reach through with right hand and repeat.

20 repetitions.

Heat Up Your Cold Weather Workouts