Dynamic Cardio Kickboxing Sequences

Improve your endurance, coordination and stamina, just in the “kick” of time!

The summer months are here, the sun is shining and many of us, if not most, want to take advantage of the beautiful weather. While most fitness facilities across the country have reopened, we find ourselves torn between choosing to work out indoors or basking in the warm sun rays. So why not combine them and use nature as our fitness studio! Cardio kickboxing is the perfect workout that combines full-body aerobic exercises with boxing and martial arts movement. There is less emphasis on technique, keeping the boxing martial arts moves simple. The good news is, this workout offers very little to no resistance training and can be performed anywhere. The focus of cardio kickboxing is simple: movement, fun, accessibility and safety. It is a full-body workout that helps build stamina and cardiovascular endurance, stimulates the mind, builds confidence and is the perfect release after a stressful day. Here are a few killer workouts to add to your routine to keep the heart rate going, target the appropriate muscles and make you feel like an ultimate fighter!


5-10 Minutes
We all know that a 5-10 minute warmup is the best way to get the blood flowing, synovial joints moving and the major muscle groups prepared for exercise. An efficient warm-up that goes hand in hand with kickboxing is the skipping rope. It tones the muscles, creates definition and builds stamina. Additionally, the skip rope improves hand-eye coordination, lateral movement, speed and agility, which effectively prepares us for the following exercises. To prevent injury, stay light on your feet and bounce weight from left to right. For an added challenge, perform a 2-minute skipping rope interval in between each exercise.


2 sets, 8 reps on each side
Variation: 16 reps alternating sides

  • To begin, stand straight with feet hip-width apart and tighten your stomach muscles.
  • Mimicking a traditional boxing stance, bend your elbows and bring your fists close to your chin.
  • Lower down as if sitting in a chair.
  • Return to the starting stance, but as you straighten your legs to lift, shift body weight onto your left leg.
  • With the right leg, leading with the knee, extend your foot out.
  • Return to the starting position and sit back into the squat.
Andrew Alcalde
Photo: Todd Duncan


2 sets, 8 reps each side
Variation: 16 reps alternating sides

  • Stand tall and plant both feet on the ground with arms raised straight above your head.
  • Pulling arms down and shifting weight on to the left leg, raise your right knee to the center of the body meeting both arms.
  • Return to your starting stance. Shift weight on to the right leg.
  • Look over your left shoulder, focusing on a target behind you, and extend your left leg behind you driving your heel towards that target.
Andrew Alcalde
Photo: Todd Duncan


3 sets, 8 reps on each side
Variation: 16 reps alternating sides

  • Step forward with your left foot until your leg reaches a 90-degree angle but try not to bend your left knee past your toes.
  • Plant foot into position.
  • Your back leg will also bend at a 90-degree angle, raising the back heel off the floor.
  • When in the lowered position, twist your torso to the left side and return to front-facing.
  • Stay in position and continue to twist your torso until reps are complete.
  • Step back to standing position.

Trainer’s Tips

  • Always be light on your feet and in ready position at all times.
  • Stay on the balls of your feet with the heels available to pivot and turn.
  • When it comes to kicks, think about power and not height.
  • It’s not about the height of the kick, but the intensity of the strike.
Andrew Alcalde
Photo: Todd Duncan


5 sets, 1 minute work rate, 30 second rest rate

  • Mountain climbers are an incredibly effective exercise, engaging multiple muscle groups at once. They fire your heart rate up, working nearly every muscle group in the body. They are a very accessible movement that can be performed anywhere, with just you and your body weight.
  • Start in a press-up position, making sure your hands are shoulder-width apart and directly beneath them.
  • At the desired speed, pull the left knee towards your chest without letting it touch the ground.

Trainer’s Tip

  • When performing this exercise, keep your abs tight, stay light on your toes, maintain a tall spine and be sure your bottom is not rising into the air.
Andrew Alcalde
Photo: Todd Duncan


3 sets, 8 reps each side

  • Combining basic kickboxing movements to create sequences, this combo mimics the feeling of being in a ring with an opponent. Performing combinations also improves your hand-eye coordination, technique and endurance. Besides, a little bit of choreography never hurt anyone!
  • In a basic fighting stance, shift weight to the right side, maintaining your balance.
  • Pull both arms across the body and raise your left knee until they meet in the center.
  • Return and repeat motion.
  • Set the heel of your right leg towards the direction of your kick.
  • Keep your arms raised and bring your leg up to the side.
  • Snap your leg forward and ensure the heel of the right leg is still in place with the direction of your kick to deliver maximum power.
  • Return to the fighting stance.
  • Guards up from the fighting stance position, put your weight into throwing a jab with your left arm.
  • Return to basic fighting stance.

Trainer’s Tip

  • Just remember that your punch should be powered from your core, shoulder and back muscles and not just from the elbow to the wrist.
Andrew Alcalde
Photo: Todd Duncan

Photos by Todd Duncan

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