5 Joga Moves For Joint Strength

Joga combines athletic strength training with yoga postures

Joint strength refers to both the health of the bone as well as the surrounding soft tissue, creating balance in the large power-generating muscle groups and smaller stabilizing muscles. Imbalances can be created through repetitive movements or from injury. By strengthening the smaller muscle groups you are able to decrease strain and torque on the joint.

Try these 5 Joga moves that strengthen your joints:

1. Forearm Plank

  • 3 Reps
  • Start Position: Forearm Plank
  • Shift bodyweight forward, bring chin past knuckles, pressing into floor with forearms
  • Bend knees, lift hips up and back
  • Extend legs back to down dog with forearms pressing to floor
Forearm Plank

2. Toe Balance

  • 3 Reps
  • Start Position: Standing, straighten arms in front at shoulder height, palms down
  • Inhale, come to balls of feet, bend knees keeping back and spine long
  • Stay high on balls of feet
  • Hold 3-5 breaths
  • Come out: stand up slow and controlled
Toe Balance

3. Fist Push-up

  • 5 Reps
  • Start Position: High Plank with legs hip distance apart
  • Come onto fists and bring bodyweight forward slightly
  • Engage core: Bend elbows to 90 degrees: bring elbows toward waist
  • Come straight back up
Fist Push-up

4. Airplane

  • 5 Reps, both sides
  • Start Position: Knees bent and arms extended to shoulder height
  • Engage core: lift left heel and dorsiflex ankle
  • Balance on right foot and press into standing leg; extend hovering leg backward
  • Balance on supporting leg: bend both knees, shift weight into heels and sit deep into the hips
  • Tap knees together

5. Athletic Lunge

  • 5 Reps, both sides
  • Start Position: Low lunge, left leg back, front right heel lifts: coming onto ball of foot
  • Lift torso and ensure shoulders are over hips; bring arms up to ceiling, bend into back leg
  • Push out of hips and straighten back leg. Bend into back leg so shin is parallel to floor
  • Push out of hips and straighten back leg
Athletic Lunge

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