Your Race is Cancelled: Now What?

Keeping your training on track when your running, cycling or triathlon event gets cancelled or postponed

Nancy Lynch and Ed Rechnitzer Profile
Triathlete Nancy Lynch and coach Ed Rechnitzer. Photo: Calgary Cinematic Capturing Co

For athletes with fall races, it is about staying on track while being prepared mentally for a postponement. For athletes without 2020 races, the plans will vary greatly. The common threads are continuing to enjoy training and invest in the future by:

  • Focusing on developing a specific aspect of physiology with interim goals to support the longer-term.
  • Focusing on maintaining fitness while giving yourself a mental break with shorter/sharper workouts peppered amongst more relaxed sessions.
  • Reconnecting with what life balance means for you as an athlete. Take an introspective look at why you race/train from a sustainability and enjoyability point of view.
Ed Rechnitzer.
Professional triathlon coach Ed Rechnitzer. Photo: Calgary Cinematic Capturing Co

A Message for Athletes

Believe that you will get through this and make the best of what you have. Control what you can control, overcome, adapt, and press on, always keeping your eye on the end goal. Resourcefulness is a powerful confidence builder for athletes as it often comes in handy when the going gets tough. Reframe adverse situations as an opportunity to develop your resilience, resolve and coping strategies. Aim to come out the other side stronger and look back with pride. 

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