Group exercise is back and better than ever. There is a reason why sweating together has become the hippest way to get social ­— it’s a blast! Gone are the days when meeting for a drink after work is the only thing to do to unwind and let off steam. These days, meeting at your fav watering hole, involves actual water and deciding what fitness class to hit.

Boutique gyms and community centres have become hot spots all over the country because group exercise is on top of its game and this trend isn’t going anywhere.

We are better together and the need to have a personal connection with others in this digital age is greater than ever before. Combine that with the fact that being health conscious is all the rage and it’s obvious why group fitness classes are coming back with a vengeance. Gone are the days of your mama’s aerobics class. These days, there are so many options to choose from when it comes to group exercise: Spinning, rowing, and boxing classes to name a few, and yes aerobics is back, but much better!

You Can Find Me At The Club

So… Why Group Exercise?

1It’s Fun!

Walk into any group exercise class and you will have a blast. Amazing music, great crowds, motivating instructors, fun moves, people rocking the latest fitness fashion, it’s an experience. Classes are replacing traditional means of going out because of the fun factor. It’s truly invigorating and a great way to let loose.


Most classes are on a drop-in basis. Kids, work, households and responsibilities often make it hard to commit to a workout ahead of time. With the large number of classes and times available at most studios you can easily pop into a group-ex class when it works for you.

3It’s a No Brainer!

Group exercise goes fast and you can get out of your head for an hour. The key is to find a class that is simple and easy to follow. You want to leave feeling fabulous, not frustrated.

4Motivation in Numbers

When you can feed off the energy of others you will work way harder. Being in a group with the energy building and bouncing off each other is powerful.

5Choose Your Own Adventure

There are endless options for where to get your group-ex on. For some, upscale studios with all the amenities and beautiful locker rooms would be the only way to roll. For others, throwing on your husband’s old T-shirt to join the gals at the local community centre would be the perfect plan. Try a bunch and see what you like. Lots of time, the first class is free.

6All Ages & Stages

Getting to a class can be the hardest part, but once you do you will find a welcoming community that wants you to soar. Most classes can be modified so you do the class at your level.

7The Community

Exercise classes are a great way to find your tribe. There is nothing like being surrounded by like-minded people. It’s inspiring and motivating. Finding your group in an exercise class is a game changer, classes become your home away from home when you find the right crew.

Sweat doing what you love and you will never “work out” again. Imagine having the time of your life, hanging with your friends, listening to your fav music and having a blast all while looking and feeling your all-time best. It is possible and it’s happening at gyms and fitness studios all over the country. It’s hip to be fit and group-ex is the name of the game.

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