Fusion Fitness

Double the fun and boost the burn with new hybrid classes

Fusion Fitness

Hybrid workouts are hot. Pure cardio, strength and Pilates classes are being rejuvenated by fitness club offerings that blend two or more activities into one workout. These new and innovative workouts break down major barriers to exercise: lack of time, boredom and motivation.

Hybrid workouts are intended to give you more for your time spent exercising. A well-designed hybrid class will deliver a wide range of benefits in one total-body workout. Some of the most popular hybrid workouts combine dance, Pilates and fitness. Barre classes are a fusion of body conditioning with basic dance elements, postural awareness and breathing techniques from Pilates and calisthenics. Some classes may include the use of small equipment and light weights. These workouts can help with alignment training, muscle endurance, skill development, balance and flexibility. Barre Fusion, Barre Power, the Barre Method are all fusion classes.

Dance fitness classes are growing with commercial programs such as Shaun T’s Cize and workouts such as Pulse, CardioDance, DanceFit that combine choreography from music videos with fitness for a dance party on the gym floor. Piloxing workouts involve choreographed kick-boxing and Pilates. Nia combines dance, martial arts and mindfulness. Some classes pair traditional martial arts with fitness, as in Tae Bo.

If you like moving to a beat, Pound classes combine drumming with aerobic choreography. Yoga, dance, Pilates and fitness classes are being blended in many ways. Fusion Workouts, Yoga Core, PiYo and D’Fine are all examples of creative blends of these disciplines that focus on core, strength and mobility training. Yoga and Pilates complement each other as Pilates stability exercises are done on the floor and many yoga poses that stress movment are done standing.

The other category of workout classes gaining popularity combine more than one technique into a training session. These combinations seem endless, however the most popular trending workout combos are: Spin and Yin, Spin and Lift, Row and Ride, Row and Yoga and the list goes on.

Some hybrid workouts may not give you the results of the authentic training methods. For example, riding a bike while lifting weights robs you of the benefits of cardiovascular riding and provides limited strength gains as exercises are done with light weights in a seated position. Staying true to the training principles of each activity is important for the best results.

If you want to spice up your workout routine, connect with your local fitness club and try a new fusion workout!

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