10 Ways to Sneak in Exercise at Work

Adding a few minutes during the day will add up to hours of exercise each month!

Fitness at Work

Do you have time to exercise during your work day? A U.K. study by J.C. Coulson et al, at the University of Bristol showed an increase in productivity in people who took time to exercise during the day. The increase was directly linked to an improved mood which was a result of being physically active.

Here are a few ways to sneak a little physical activity into your day.

  1. Take the stairs instead of the elevator
  2. Stand up to take phone calls
  3. Do a few lunges while you wait for your coffee
  4. Instead of phoning a co-worker, walk to their office
  5. Park farther away than necessary and walk to work
  6. Run on the spot for a minute followed by a few jumping jacks
  7. Put your phone calls on speaker and stretch while you talk
  8. Set your alarm for every 60 minutes to stand up and move
  9. Take a walk or run at lunch
  10. Do leg raises while sitting at your desk

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